Wednesday, August 19, 2009


“There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected. This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Shall we?

I took a day off from bitchitude yesterday because everything I tried to write was bitterized by my foul ass mood. Contrary to popular belief, bitchitude is not about bitterness and dismissive negativity…and when I find myself spewing the wrong shit ‘tis best to log off and reflect.

Why was I too bitter to post?

I’m glad you asked!

I found myself depressed by those members of the masses who have mobbed up around the notion of what we the people cannot do…cannot accomplish…and cannot achieve.

Pause…allow to marinate…continue.

The great unsaid within this health care debate is that there are many who see government as separate from the people…and, because they often fail to participate in government, their belief often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Our work…the people’s work…begins in earnest after we vote. And there are many across the entire political spectrum that like to ignore that and instead focus on what a government minus the active and vigilant participation of the people fucks up.

So they are proven correct…over and over again.

Government fucks shit up…when the masses step back.

Trust a bitch, I’ve only to look at the misdeeds of the previous administration to see proof of that shit…. example upon example of what government can do when enough of the masses embrace to "love it or leave it" flawed definition of patriotism.

The same can be said of health care reform.

Catch the knee ‘cause this bitch isn’t in the mood!

Set aside the fantastical freak out crazy assed rumors about health care reform and what is left is a list of somewhat valid concerns that should be a part of the policy discussion and would be a part of the policy discussion if folks actually participated in a discussion of the policies under consideration instead of bullshit rants over fantastical freak out crazy assed rumors.

After weeks of witnessing that shit I woke up yesterday and I was the very definition of disgusted and depressed.

But that didn’t last…mostly because I realized that my emotional state was exactly what the forces fueling the anti-reform sort-movement want but also because that’s just not how this bitch rolls.

I recently attended a town hall meeting here in Missouri and, despite the fact that there were many in the crowd cheering the status quo (mercy), I saw many other folks who are waiting for specifics.

Those folks…the people who are looking at the ingredients and struggling to imagine what the final dish will look like…are the real majority.

And ‘tis time to turn from the mob, who will never give a shit, and engage the real majority, who need some attention.

So, I thank all y’all for your kind words of encouragement even as I re-focus my eyes on the prize.

We have a rendezvous with destiny regarding health care reform, y'all…

…and this bitch has only just begun to fight.


L. Jackson said...

It's easy to walk away, another thing to get the 'moxie' in gear to continue the fight. Thanks for reminding me!

KBO said...

I totally agree. We can't sit back and let a vocal minority destroy the change the majority voted for in November. I already called/e-mailed Blunt, McCaskill, and Carnahan and let it be known that we want reform.

Al said...

I don't remember how, but I am glad I stumbled on this blog. It is insightful and makes you think -- unlike a lot of what is being spewed out there and masqueraded as news and information. Thanks for being a voice of reason in this time that seems to be marked by insanity.

Keli said...

Education is key! And many fail to educate themselves on what gov't is, and what it means to them...

How many people do we know voted in this election without knowing any stances on the issues?

The sad reality is that this is the majority not the minority.

AOB said...

What drives me over the edge with the whole debate is the fear mongering by fox (I can't believe they call that mess news)news.

I am so amazed that the American people happily stood by while Bush 43 took away our right to privacy while using the defense of our homeland as an excuse; while screaming socialism at the top of their lungs because of health care. WTF is with that? People are afraid of health care and not worried about their basic freedoms that were lost after 9-11?

We call these people "Sheeple", because they follow whoever screams the loudest.

Jim said...

After eight years of Bush's nightmare regime I thought it couldn't possibly get any worse. I thought more people would finally wake up and start to get out of this brainwashing trance. I see things haven't changed one bit. I'm still pinching myself every day to see if I'm not just dreaming all this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Politics is 365 days a year you can't just elect the best option and then step back. In our system no leader can go it alone and especially not when the big money folks are all lined up against them.

Joebobrich said...

Thanks. Good to know I'm not the only one getting depressed/dispirited by this bullshit. Time to breath deep, and start e-mailing the congressmen and senators with notes of support.

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