Friday, August 21, 2009

Pondering the first day of school…

‘Tis Friday, y’all!


This bitch is exhausted. Between my normal insomnia and the added lack of sleep brought on by a certain sorta-beagle’s storm based all night freak out, I feel as if I haven’t slept all week!


Anyhoo, I predict Saturday will involve a lot of couch-based lazitude.

Shall we?

The school year has begun again in St. Louis city. A bitch noticed young children gathered on street corners with backpacks and sleepy faces…and buses stopping to pick them up.

Shark-Fu’s Back-2-School message to the masses – pay attention and focus! Wee little ones are out and about on the sidewalk and crossing the streets early in the morning. Stop at the stop signs, let the chil’ren cross at the crosswalks and respect the do not pass stop signs when buses are loading and unloading. “I was late for work” ain’t an excuse for risking a child’s life!


Soooooo, school is back in session…

…and this bitch is jealous.

I loved going back to school when I was a wee bitch. Loved it! It wasn’t because I missed my friends – in grade school I didn’t have a lot of friends and I sure as shit didn’t miss the bullies. But I missed the routine of learning, the opportunity to do shit and get praise for doing it right. As I got older, I missed getting my nerd on…big time! While my fellow students dreaded the month of August, this bitch was getting my countdown on and struggling for patience.


Those were the days!

I can’t help but feel jealous that grown people don’t get recess…rarely take time for lunch and fantabulous lunch time gossip…and don’t get the opportunity to learn something new Monday through Friday.

Hell, we don’t even take snow days!


I remember my father telling me that I’d appreciate being a school aged child when I was grown and dealing with grown people bitness.

Ain't that the truth.

***logs off feeling nostalgic for the anticipation of filling up a three-subject notebook with newly learned shit***


Miss Minx said...

I can relate - I love school so much that I'm now entering my 13th year of post-secondary education ;)

Eduardo Guize said...

soooooooo true!

Unknown said...

You made me smile Shark Fu and remember the 'good ole dayz' of being a wee lass.

Thanks sista woman! Have a good, lazy Saturday and hug your sorta-beagle with the storm problems. ;)

berdawn said...

Nice post! I miss being in school (and recess), too. My birthday is the first week of September so most of my "birthday shopping" involved picking out a three-ring binder and pencils. ah, nerd-dom.

Joseph said...

Yeah. Two words that bring a lump to my throat: Superfriends lunchbox.

'Drea said...

ABB, you can always get in touch with your inner wee bitch.

I know that I'm stating the obvious but you can always get your learning jones on.

Although my recent classes have been geared toward the physical education sort, it's been fun.

I've also started giving myself recess every morning by getting up early and setting aside time to read.

Here's my two cents: You don't necessarily need huge chunks(although, it's highly desirable if you can get it) of time to get your groove and/or self-care on...

P.S. I'm probably wordy because I'm currently so drained that I'm giddy.

landismom said...

My kids haven't started yet, but this morning, my son said to me, "I can't wait for first grade!" Ah, the pleasures of late-summer in childhood...

Anonymous said...

I love school! I still take classes all the time but it is really hard to do that. Ahhhhh recess! Good stuff that recess. I am going to take recesses in my day. That is that!


Anonymous said...

I too loved school and loved going back to school.

One of the things that I miss the most is being about to clearly mark the passage of time.
Fall meant school starting, Winter meant Christmas Break and finals, Spring meant Spring Break and Shad Derby and Summer meant freedom (and towards the end, back-to-school shopping).

linda said...

As an adult, I got to live vicarious through my children this time of year. I am nerd enough that the smell of school supplies takes me back! But when they got to high school, I ended up having to fork out 1000 a year on public school fees a year. The romance is over:)

Anonymous said...

Here by way of The Feminist Agenda.

As a school teacher, I go back to school every September. Like the students, I approach the end of summer vacation and the start of a new school year with a combination of fear, trepidation, loss of free time to spend as I choose, and, looking forward to a new year with new opportunities and to seeing students and colleagues again. I do purchase a new 'back to school' outfit, and I do stay as far away from the crowds at the stores buying school supplies. That said, I have a fondness for Sharpies, gel pens, and stickers.

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