Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday, Monday…

Happy Monday, chil’ren!

A bitch got a lot of shit done this weekend.

I mowed the lawn.


Okay, so I moved the backyard and said fuck it to the front yard, but...well, shit. All that damned rain ended up feeding the weed-based sorta-grass in the back and it took twice as long to cut that shit down!

And, since I never go out the front door, I rarely have front lawn guilt (wink).

Full disclosure - a bitch doesn't have enough lawn to warrant a riding mower. I get my mowing on with a nifty electric number I've named Madge.

Anyhoo, both sorta-beagles were groomed (their current not so houndish scent should last around five days).

And I did laundry!


Three cheers for weekend based productivitude!

As a result of all that real world activity, I’m more than a little behind on internet-based happenings.

So, bitchitude shall be delayed until this evening.

Toodles ‘til tonight!


L. Jackson said...

grin, don't u hate it when irl gets in the way??? I cleaned shed, ceiling fans, etc...all boring jobs! ho hum & back to the week at hand!

David Duff said...

Proper little 'Stakhanovite', you are!

Shark-Fu said...

L...Yeah, Monday came rather quick!

David...I'm often efficiently productive, but this was a lot of done-ness even for me!

David Duff said...

I know what you mean, usually when I get a sudden feeling that things need doing I lie down until it goes away!

(Or until the little 'memsahib' suddenly appears!)

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