Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meanwhile, back on planet earth…

A bitch just read this commentary on CNN.com and I’ve got to tell y’all that this is the kind of shit we should be discussing but are not discussing because…well, because outfits like CNN have spent the last month pushing coverage of the mob up front while they bury important debate-inspiring opinions in the Health section of their website.


Anyhoo…this bitch thought I’d share this commentary.

Whether you agree with it or not, ‘tis a reminder that there is more to health care reform than to be or not to be...


AOB said...

After being abused by health insurance personnel my husband and I decided to start a brokerage account to cover our health care expenses. We invest money and he trades the account to make more money.

Yesterday I received a 60% discount because I paid with a credit card (and got airline miles as well). (I have a yearly appointment with a specialist because doctors were treating me for glaucoma which it was discovered I do not have).

When the customer service person at United told me " you better get the generic for that because we will not be paying for the brand name anymore " I decided that was enough. My insurance premiums were being raised every six months even though I had no claims...not even a co-pay for an office visit.

We desperately need health care reform , but not on top of the FUBAR that already exists. The best health care that I have found for me is taking care of myself, exercising and eating right. (NO I am not thin, I have my curves). For me health care reform means catastrophic care not daily care.

LisaMJ said...

Thanks for sharing this Shark-Fu. It will make me a bit more understanding the next time I have a long wait at my primary care doctor's office. This whole system is getting more and more ridiculous. And can you blame young docs for not wanting to do primary care? I'm sure some of them would like to, but as expensive as med school is, and as draining as internships, etc is, they want to be able to pay back their loans and to live a nice life. We really need to be more like Europe where the qualified often go to med school for free, so they come out debt free and they can make a comfortable (but not extravagent) living.
Lisa J

L. Jackson said...

What the Dr. said was interesting as in the 'woe is me, I'm not making enough' BUT I have had the misfortune of having not one, but many PC misdiagnois conditions along w/surgeons that 'cut' for things that didn't turn out to be.

Likewise the hubs that passed from stage 4 colon cancer that was seeing a PC MONTHLY! I don't know what the answer is, what I do know is that friends in AU/Canada both says fed. run medical care means waiting months just to get to see a Dr. & even longer for a specialist???

Now if that isn't enough with my lack of trust towards Drs, then u have the increase cost of Medicare B/D & increase on my secondary ins...w/o increase in my income to offset and those that don't even have the $$ to get what I have. Truly health care is a huge issue, complicated, personal, and mind blowing to even figure out!

roslynholcomb said...

I've been having trouble finding a PC since I moved here to Atlanta. I prefer for my whole family to see the same doctor, a system that worked well for us back in Huntsville, but seems strangely foreign in a larger city. I wonder if we should have student loan cancellation for doctors who chose PC much like we do for teachers and social workers because they perform a public service for relatively low pay.

Hammer said...

I personally think Primary Care Physicians are bullshit. In fact, I think it would do just as good to go see a secretary about your problem and have him/her send you to a highly trained, focused, specialist. In fact, it would save money in the long run.

Get rid of GPs and only have specialists.