Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hold up…

Jumping right in!

A bitch just heard an anchor on a morning news show tease a segment about who the “real father” of Michael Jackson’s children is.

And I’ve also heard some speculation over who the “real mother” of his youngest child is.

Well, this bitch finds that to be rather fucked up.

I’m not adopted.

I was not born through surrogacy.

But I do know plenty of people who are parents through adoption or surrogacy or some combination of those things or sperm/egg donation.

And those folks are the real parents of their children…they have all the legal rights of a parent to determine who should raise them if they die.

I’m fascinated that, in a world where plenty of groups promote adoption as an option and other groups promote surrogacy or egg/sperm donation, so few offer resistance to the assertion that surrogates or egg/sperm donors can jump up post mortem and assert parental rights.

And I’m more than a little disgusted that the frenzied speculation over Michael Jackson has taken this turn.

If Jackson failed to complete the legal requirements establishing parental rights then all this speculation is, I suppose, valid…even though he was the only parent these children have known regardless of the paperwork.

But, since no one is saying Jackson didn’t handle his bitness, all the segments claiming that his former dermatologist or some other person is the “real” father and wondering what that means and what impact that may have and all the frenzification over who the biological mother of his youngest child is…all that shit adds fuel to the fire of de-legitimizing adoptive and surrogate parents while insulting the hell out of them too.


There will be plenty of drama associated with the Michael Jackson estate for the press to feed upon without their having to stir the who-are-the-real-parents-and-will-they-sue-for-custody shit pot…


RMJ said...

Right on. People seems to COMPLETELY disregard the rights of these children, whom MJ went to GREAT lengths to protect by all accounts (except for the baby-dangling incident...but mistakes are made). I'm not MJ's biggest fan, but those kids are going through more than enough right now. They don't need their parentage invalidated on top of it.

Mari said...

I can't believe that they are blathering on so about MJ, spreading rumors and such. Let the man rest in peace. Have a little empathy for his family.

'Drea said...

In the immortal words of Prince Rogers Nelson: Hold on 2 your soul, we got a long way 2 go...

Jen said...

Thank you, leaving the generally appalling coverage aside, this particular thing is really pissing me off.

I am adopted and would start handing out slaps to anyone who referred to my biological parents as my "real" parents, especially if my "fake" mother who supported raised and loved me had just died.

It isn't like the term biological parent is a foreign concept people.

C-Haze said...

I'm adopted. My mother taught me, at the age of four when I came to live with ther, the difference between "biological mother" and "real mother".

The woman who adopted me, raised me, put up with all my crap, put me through college, nursed me back to health with I was sick, gave me the downpayment on my first home, and stayed up countless nights praying for my safety is my mother.


Blood is NOT thicker than water.

I don't know a single biological relative of mine... and yet I have the greatest family in the world.


Terry in Toronto said...

And there are adoptees like me who believe that it should be every human beings right to access their genetic heritage if they wish to do so. The topic of heredity when it comes to the three children parented by Michael Jackson may have been raised rather inelegantly in the media but is still an important and valid one.

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