Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy birthday to my brother Bill!

My brother Bill is 39 years old today and we intend to celebrate the hell out of that!

39 years of keeping shit real…defying to odds…teaching people that there are more that a few ways to communicate…and charming soda pop out of unsuspecting victims.

39 years outside of an institution…in the community…making friends, having roommates and roommate drama and building a life.

39 years of being a damn good older brother…of forgiving me my selfishness and failings even before I forgive myself.

39 years of therapy and treatments, medications and then behavior modifications, nastified diets and strange as hell food restrictions.

39 years of people staring…of children laughing and strangers not understanding...of others knowing or just not caring…of smelling people’s hair and then asking forgiveness through that mega watt smile.

Born before autism was a 1 in 150 diagnosis or celebrities wrote best sellers…raised back when mothers were still thought to be to blame and people didn’t shy from saying that shit…reared in a world that was anything but understanding or supportive.

39 years of living life as a person…not a cure that didn’t happen or a treatment that failed to work.

And today we celebrate Bill and all that he is.

Go on with your bad ass soda pop adoring, French fry consuming, funky music enjoying self!

Go on, Bill!

And happy birthday, damn it (wink)…you are the gift that just keeps giving.


PPR_Scribe said...

A wonderful birthday tribute to your brother. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

NativeNYker said...

That is a sweet ass mention! Happy B-Day Brother man!

Rants, Thoughts & Merde

Sara said...

Beautiful, I love this. My own autistic brother will turn 30 in a couple of months, and this speaks to how I feel too. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Bill. I've been 39 for years, and it just keeps getting easier. A brother is a very special blessing, and your sister knows it well.


Leota2 said...

Happy Birthday Bill!
May you always charm the soda pop out of others . . .

'Drea said...

Now, that's not a card that you'll see emerge out of the old Hallmark facility. Nice.

catnmus said...

What a wonderful tribute. Happy Birthday, Bill!

Miss Trudy said...

Thanks for posting that. I hope we're closer to the day when we stop treating people with autism and other related conditions as if they are "all wrong" and need to be "fixed". I understand help may be needed to make some better able to navigate our societal mores and obstacles or else, not to suffer unnecessarily from side effects. However, in general, it should bother us to see others as if they are some broken toy in need of repair just because of harmless differences in behavior. I wish your brother a long and happy life.

Laura in L.A. said...

Happy Birthday to dear brother Bill! Of all of Bill's many blessings, I think one of his greatest is having the two BEST sisters around. I hope you all had a great day, and I will be hoisting a soda pop in Bill's honor!

Love, Laura

Ryan said...

Posts about Bill never fail to make this bitch smile.

Needed that tonight.

Thank you, and happy belated birthday Bill.

Anonymous said...

Amen, sister...

tnt5150 said...

I got an order of fries and a pop with Bill's name all over it!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Bill! You are an awesome brother and you have a wonderful sister. If you were here, I would play "September", let you smell my hair all you wanted and order large curly fries and plenty of soda (or "pop" as we call it here). Long may you roll on!