Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fidelity to the law…

Shall we?

Yesterday Judge Sotomayor pledged fidelity to the law during day one of the Senate confirmation hearing. She spoke for about 8 minutes and then the committee members got their talk on and on and on.

As expected, Democrats praised Sotomayor while Republicans voiced their concerns…grave concerns…very, very grave concerns that Sotomayor may do on the left what they sure as shit hope Alito and Roberts will continue to do on the right.

Senator Grassley read his statement without lifting his eyes from the page and in a pissed off to be there in the first place tone of voice that indicated that he was…well, pissed off to be there in the first place.

Mayhap the Senator should eat more fiber?

Just a thought.


Senator Graham predicted Sotomayor’s confirmation…as long as she doesn’t have a total meltdown. And damn it to hell if he didn’t leave the impression that a total meltdown would be welcome as hell.

All in all, day one was a typical position statement-making day.

Day two will bring the realness.

And this bitch can’t help but note that all of this theatre is taking place so that we can maintain the current balance…so that the current court that gleefully demonstrates fidelity to conservatism, and applies 20/20 vision when they do, in their rulings will continue to be met with alternative viewpoints and legal interpretations.

Behold, sausage making Senate Judiciary Committee style!



Lisa J said...

I'm listening to a bit of it now, and I think Graham is questioning now. That lying, distorting bigot. I am trying really hard not to get mad b/c too often lately all of the bigotry and putrid racism that has come out in the wake of President Obama's election I have gotten so mad that I think my blood pressure might go up. Their level of disingenuousness, lies, and out and out meanness are disgusting. It makes me really really doubt the good intentions of many people in that party and to look side eyed at some of my friends who are Republicans. I don't get how they can reconcile being in a party of bigots with being "friends" with a black person like me, especially since they all know I don't share their views. I guess it is easier to overlook that stuff when you aren't a person of color and want low taxes and more money for the rich at all costs.

Unknown said...

I am so tried of the rightwing nutjobs asking asinine questions.

Judge Sotomayor has shown her IQ to be in the stratosphere whilst the white guys are on the same level with a dandelion.

Unknown said...

Well at least Republicans have stopped pretending the view of diversity is Clarence Thomas. Am I the only one who noticed that ALL the Republicans Senators are reduced to that of their voters- all are old ready to die any second white men. Democrats weren't much better but still.

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