Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Finally, an update on my brother’s car situation!

But first, a bitch’s Facebook account has been suspended due to cyber thievery. I haven’t even opened any shit since some cyber thief stole my email the last time! I don’t play those games or follow links that take me away from Facebook…and yet, my account has been violated and thus suspended so a bitch had to reach deep within my Afro to find new passwords for every fucking account I have.

Fuck a duck!

I’m beginning to feel like Facebook and this bitch may have to break up. I’m not feeling loved or cared for…and at least once a month Facebook freaks me the hell out with some cyber threat warning email from hell.

Yeah…we may have to call it quits.


But technically Facebook broke up with me ‘cause they suspended my account.



That almost tops Black Planet rejecting my screen name as objectionable…almost, but not quite (wink).


Moving forward, suspended but still full of bitchitude…

Longtime readers know that this bitch’s autistic brother was in a serious car accident last year. Well, not exactly an accident. He jumped out of a moving vehicle in traffic…on purpose…and we have no idea why. Thankfully, he didn’t break anything but he scared the living shit out of us. As a result, we’ve restricted his car travel to when two staff members can be on hand to prevent his leaping into the front passenger seat and out to van again.

Some of y’all have offered great suggestions for vehicle-based modifications…

…but getting those things approved is a process.

And this bitch is happy to report that the process is moving forward…finally.

We’ve ordered up several buckle busters for all vehicles used by my brother.

And we’ve submitted a request through the appropriate slow moving state agency to have his primary vehicle modified to include a passenger side safety lock that only the driver can open.

Although it will take up to a year to get the van modification approved we anticipate getting those buckle busters in within days…and giving our brother back his ability to travel within the community without additional limitations.

Perfect timing too…Bill’s birthday is Sunday.


Thanks to everyone for the advice and the well wishes when Bill was recovering!

And thanks to the manufacturers of buckle buster technology for a problem solving product that costs under $20…


RMJ said...

Re: your brother: That must be quite a relief. I'm glad he'll have the ability to move more freely soon.

I've never had my account hacked on Facebook....which is weird since I do click links and play games. Hope you get that facet of your identity back soon!

roslynholcomb said...

Sounds like someone's deliberately targeting you on FB. I'm so glad you'll be able to get those latches. What a relief and I know Bill will be happy to be able to go out and about again.

Mari said...

You are such a good sister!

Friðvin said...

I just figured out who "fell off" my Facebook friends and popped over here to see where you went! That would be enough to piss me off although I'll miss the convenience of your posts there!

That's some scary shit about your brother but peace of mind is near!

tnt5150 said...

Give Bill and soda pop especially for his b-day from Trevor & I :)

Unknown said...

RE: Your brother: Don't a lot of vans have child locks, where the back doors can only be opened from the outside. I remember riding in a Winstar with those...
RE: Getting hacked: All I can recomend is long and stronger passwords, rotated monthly. This might be useful to that end:
Keep it up.

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