Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Facebook just doesn't wanna talk about it...

Update - Facebook's digital Paxil has kicked in...and they have reinstated a bitch's account.

A bitch’s Facebook account has been disabled.

Facebook, contacted by this bitch several times today for comment, has demonstrated a distressing inability to communicate what the fuck is behind this disabling.

Strange, since they are a company designed to promote communication between people.

Mayhap Facebook needs some digital Paxil to address their social anxiety disorder towards those who have accounts they have disabled?

Is it to much to ask for someone at Facebook to send a bitch an email explaining the what and why behind this situation…would that be too much like right?

***cue crickets***


A bitch is annoyed…

…but I’m also curiously able to go on about my bitness.

Which makes this bitch think that my romance with Facebook ‘tis over…while Twitter and a bitch shall be getting more intimately acquainted.



PPR_Scribe said...

Re: the update--LOL and good for you!

Anonymous said...

did they ever give a reason for why it was disabled?

Shark-Fu said...

No reason given...interesting, huh?

crystalsaurus rex said...

I've heard of accounts being disabled because they assumed it wasn't a real person - ie not using their 'real' name.

My cat, kittyface, had an account that was disable :( She'll never be able to reconnect to all her kitty friends!


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