Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And another thing, I happen to think that door needs to be kicked wide open!

Update - Show Me Progress has posted updates/statements from Senator McCaskill.

For a certain someone who demanded a post on this mess tonight.

Missouri Senators split their votes on the concealed carry amendment.

The reason why one of them split made my Afro hurt.

From Jessica Machetta at Missourinet

“Sen. McCaskill says she was not against letting people carry concealed weapons. But she is against requiring one state to accept another state's laws that might differ from its own. She says it would be a foot in the door that could allow Vermont's laws on gay marriage to be enforced in Missouri, which has a constitutional provision against gay marriage.”

Wince...attempt to soothe Afro...continue.

What the fuck?

Is it too much to ask for our Democratic Senator to vote against an extension of concealed carry permit privileges across state lines without taking cover behind the emaciated civil rights of her LGBT constituents?


***cue crickets***

Sniff...sniff, sniff.



Leota2 said...

WTF is wrong with these people?!

Elusis said...

I'm actually glad that someone is making the connection between the two, even if I think it's in a somewhat effed-up way. When I heard this week that the concealed carry bill was coming up I thought "what the hell - forcing states to acknowledge marriages done in other states is a terrible violation of states' rights, but forcing them to allow others' concealed carry permits is hunky dory? In what universe?"

I'm glad the answer is "not in this one" at least for the purposes of the latter.

Unknown said...

That is, I must say, one of the most fucked-up arguments I have heard in a while. It does indeed smell like bullshit.

I'm okay with sane gun rights. But doesn't the GOP pretend to care about states rights? And apparently "OHNOES TEH GAYS" trumps all. *headdesk*

L. Jackson said...

How did the two issues get combined..I mean am I crazy or what? Seems like comparing apples & turnips. Then why did McCaskill do the 'double walk'..I'm supporting LGBT BUT...rollin eyes!

ChristopherM said...

I always used to like her, and now I'm going to have to give her the side eye when I see her on television. Sigh. I have to do that so often these days.

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