Thursday, May 07, 2009


A bitch just heard that today is a rare odd day.

The 7th day of the 5th month in the year 2009…or something like that.

Since this bitch has been experiencing some serious technology-based drama of late, I’ve decided to declare this odd day the end of all of that shit.

Mmmhmm, I’m saying this day of triple oddness is the official end of a bitch’s tech. drama and beginning of a new era of technological adoration of all things bitch related!

Pause…check Miss SisterGirl MacBook…gasp...continue.

Scratch that shit.

My Facebook account has been taken over by hostile spam trying to lure my friends through a bullshit email-based plea for help!

Fuck a duck.

***change Facebook password***

The technology gods are still at play.

***change Twitter password***


Not only has this all happened before...but a bitch just knows it will all happen again (shudder).

***change Yahoo password***



Pause...collect self...continue.

Anyhoo, this bitch was not going to comment on the naughty picture scandal circling around a certain Miss California…but then I saw that Hasslebeck person from The View on the telly mouthing off about witch hunts and, well…hmmm.

Hasslebeck’s blank-eyed yet tight-lipped outrage over Miss California apparently being mocked for tossing stones while living in all glass including the roof cottage instantly made a bitch imagine Miss Cali standing before a merciless Puritan court, declaring herself innocent of the crime of partial nudity in violation of her pageant contract...only to find herself found guilty...and her 2009 Anita Bryant Revival of I'd Pray for You, But I Don't Want to Spend Eternity With Your Kind of Sinner tour totally cancelled...Lawd!..and her official spokes-bigot contract burned at the stake during a segment of The 700 Club...all of this having been live blogged by Perez Hilton, natch.

Trust a bitch, that shit was not what I needed up in my fragile mind!

So, now this bitch resents the hell out of this Hasselbeck person even though I've never watched her on The View and only know her from the clips of her saying ig'nant as hell shit during the 2008 election...oh, and her defense of Miss Cali.

Okay, so this bitch is pretty sure Hasselbeck didn't intend to trigger such visuals any more than she intended to defend Miss Cali (trust a bitch, that earnest expression of hers has May sweeps ratings written all over it) but that doesn’t mean she's are off the hook for putting those fucked up images into a bitch’s head.


***logs off to change Blogger password***


L. Jackson said...

sry gf about techno techno guy said to change passwords every 6 months...roflmao, had to get a book to keep all past ones/future ones in...tell me that is safe?? lol

Rileysdtr said...

Hmm. I wondered why I kept getting all those emails in my yahoo account from "black bloggers united" about how they loved my work. As I a) do not - yet - blog and b) came out REALLY light - I all but glow under UV lighting - it was a wee tich confusing. Maybe one of your accounts got well and truly hijacked?

Much as I am unfond of Mrs. Quarterback Hasselback, the whole issue does come off a little odd. But me? I'd rather think about playoff hockey - off to cheer a Blackhawks comeback!

Shark-Fu said...

Rileysdtr...I don't think those black blogger emails are from me. I get them too! Ugh.

I think I've finally recovered enough to watch the rest of the battle for the cup.

I'll turn my TiVO to NHL Center Ice once again...'cause I still love this time of year!

Unknown said...

Hockey? Nooooooo! It's roundball time and King James will lead them again! ;)

Ms Prejean can get a spokesjob with one of the hate groups proliferating in our Universe..then we won't have to deal with her or hear about her daily..right?

Tech problems can drive one insane..literally!

Hang in there Shark Fu!

Shark-Fu said...

Roudball? I think NOT! Hockey season is far from over...and a bitch shall watch as long as there is ice to skate upon.

As for King James...well, I've never seen him skate (wink).

I've calmed down a bit about the tech drama...but I still want to hunt someone down and give them a fussing they won't soon forget.

Unknown said...

I watched plenty of hockey when I lived in Boston. Roundball was better, and seeing my first NBA game at the original Boston Garden is a great memory for moi. ;)

Enjoy your coldass hockey game, I will watch my athletes sweat.

The Ball n' Chain is having tech issues..which means I am having tech issues..get it? ;)

Shark-Fu said...

LOL, Dusty!

Enjoy the sweat, m'dear. The old Garden was a temple to sport...bless it.


Unknown said...

Amen Sista Shark Fu! ;)

Rileysdtr said...

Oh come now, Dusty - do you really think ice means the players don't sweat? The Hockey Gods demand buckets of it, from the players and fans alike. And nothing is like playoff hockey - I was at the Hawks/Canucks game last night and when the Blackhawks tied it 1-1 with 2 minutes left in the game I thought the roof was going to come off the building. When they won in overtime the arena actually (no, literally) shook. I can't hear a darn thing (still waiting for my ears to pop) and my voice is shot, but believe me I'll be there with feathers on next game!

As far as Ms. CA, I think this whole thing is confusing, frankly. I don't care if she believes only in "opposite marriage" - that's up to her...

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