Friday, May 29, 2009

Kavya and The Bee…

Did y’all see it?


Last night the final rounds of the Scripps Spelling Bee were on the telly and it was fantabulous!

I watched as spellers got their spell on and that evil bell rang…round after round…until finally here were three.

And then there was one.

Then a certain Kavya Shivashankar from Kansas correctly spelled Laodicean and won the 2009 Scripps Spelling Bee.

It was fantastically fantabulous!

I love the spelling bee even though this bitch can’t spell worth a dam…umm, damn.

I love that the young people involved have worked hard to learn the inner workings of words.

I love that they are able to share the event with their families.

And I love that The Bee focuses attention on young people competing with their mind.

In a world that too often focuses attention on unreal reality shows and celebrities gone wild, it is downright refreshing to see young spellers signing autographs and enjoying the limelight.

‘Twas hard to watch the disappointment of the those who did not win, but a bitch suspects they will ultimately be proud of what they accomplished and that a few of them will come back next year hungry to win.

So, congrats to them all.

And go on with your bad self, Kavya Shivashankar!


Rileysdtr said...

Came upon it through random surfing just as the finals began. Could NOT turn away... the Dearly Beloved and I starting closing our eyes and pre-spelling to see how we'd do. I think I got two right (menhir and maecenas) - the rest I was beyond lost. Talk about your thrill of victory/agony of defeat!

Scott said...

No doubt, Shark Fu. I LOVE watching the bee each year. A girl from my town made it to the national bee this year but fell short of the semifinals. And Kavya, the girl who won? Yikes, she's scary good. The kid who finished second was a great speller, but there was just no way he was going to get past her.

Unknown said...

I took part in the Spelling Bee as a kid, but never made it past the state contest.

Kudos to Kavya and all the other kids that took part in this years Bee.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I was never any good at spelling.

The funny thing was that when I was in 3rd grade way back in the early 80s, when teachers would try to motivate me to spell better I would just say that computers would take care of that. They scoffed at the idea, for back then the personal computer was very expensive and rather primitive.

There was no spell check.

But as usual, I have the last laugh :)

James said...

Just caught the rerun on ESPN after reading your blog and was absolutely enthralled.I knew the result and it was exciting! Can't wait to see it live next year.

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