Friday, May 22, 2009

Keep 'em talking...

A bitch caught the Penguins v Hurricanes NHL playoff game last night and daaaaaaaaamn!

I got tired just watching that shit.

Back and forth and back and forth…the Penguins scored then the ‘Canes and then the Penguins and then the ‘Canes again. Fantabulous! A certain Evgeni Malkin put on a clinic…and was showered in hats after scoring a behind the back highlight reel goal that was so good it was SICK…before the game ended with the Penguins winning 7-4 and going up 2 games to 0.


While I was watching the big game political talking heads were chewing on bone of The Great Current v Previous Administration National Security Face-off of 2009.

It’s a showdown!


It’s a war of words!

Uh, no…not exactly. What this bitch saw on the telly wasn’t exactly a face-to-face debate of the issue. ‘Twas more like a talking-point off…a good one, but one nonetheless.

Here’s my take – keep 'em talking.

Both of them!

The more President Obama is forced to defend shutting Gitmo down the more he commits to doing it. I happen to agree that we need a motherfucking plan before we cut any checks...and that's half common sense and half understanding that how we shut Gitmo down is as important as shutting it down and the whole world is watching.


A bitch has studied Dickey C. for years and I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a reason he prefers being a shadow lord…because the more a body says the more a body reveals. And this bitch is hoping Dickey C. talks himself into some legal ramifications.

I see it as a national media version of a homicide department’s interrogation box. A smart person lawyers up and shuts the fuck up as soon as they find themselves in that box. But a lot of people…most people…try to talk themselves out of there. And a smart detective says very little while a suspect prattles on about how they don’t know the victim, they weren’t walking their dawg at 2 a.m. in the morning near the crime scene and they don’t own a dawg.

As applied to this situation, you’ve got Dickey C. giving interviews…speeches…responses…snarls…and even a few growls.

And the press has done an okay job of keeping him talking.

But eventually someone is going to have to bring him a cup of fresh coffee, lean forward and say “I’ve been listening to you for hours and I’ve got to tell you your story stinks like fresh shit.”…then make the call of whether to slap the cuffs on his rancid ass or let him go knowing that he and his are as guilty as homemade sin.

Otherwise this showdown war of words is just another exercise in bullshit.


Lisa J said...

From your lips to God's ears! I must say though, I'm sick of seeing his pale, ugly, homunculous face everywhere I turn. Hard to believe he and Obama are related at all even though it is very distant.

Rileysdtr said...

Game 3 tonight at Chicago. Buckle your seat belts - it is going to be one...bumpy...ride.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

Hell, if Dickey doesn't fasten his own noose, I'm left with no choice but to go back to hoping for another heart attack.

MrDark said...

Hey, Love your blog- pretty good stuff. Yes The "Big-D." annoys me & I think if he keeps flashing his mental junk as a constant counter-point to any thing the POTUS says at appearances, that maybe soon people out there will actually become serious/curious about some of his more questionable activities while he was the "Vice-Executive". Like all those "No-Bid" contracts to his business cronies for the wars- where billions of dollars of OUR money just vanished. Raise your hands all those who think he should be grilled about just THAT stuff...
Sincerely, Matt D.

Miss Trudy said...

Yep, you said it all right. That is exactly what I think every time I watch my man Cheney pop up in the news. Like all powerful examples of festering-in-ego male totem-hood, he thinks he's smoke-screening us all very skillfully; but just manages to look, increasingly so, as the sweating, stuttering "alleged" offender sitting under that glaring lamp while the good cop offers a soda and the bad cop slowly wraps the telephone book in a towel ... If I weren't such a pacifist, I'd be advocating they waterboard his ass just for the hell of it.

isonprize said...

A bitch has GOT to check out another bitch's blog! (two, actually...Margaret and Helen)

The title of the 5/23 post is - "Life's a bitch... and so is Dick Cheney."

Trust and believe you will scream when reading it!

mykidsmomishot said...

We all knew the "Dark Lord" a.k.a Slick Dickey was going to have to give us one last F-you. Its almost like he shot us in the chest while we were hunting and now wants US to apologize. Wait where have I heard that before...

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