Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One more chew and then a bitch'll be done…

A bitch would like to thank everyone who commented and/or emailed me regarding my post on The Post’s fucked up from the floor up mismanagement of rancid comments!

Although I’m tempted to put in the fuck it column, I’m going to have one last chew first.

Shall we?

The Post would like us to believe that their comment policy…which is pretty much to leave up anything that doesn’t use profane language (and damn it all if the comments don’t illustrate the flaw of what is considered profane and what isn’t) or threaten someone (a damn it all once again if the comments don’t demonstrate the editor’s confusion over what some of us consider threatening and why)...exists to encourage participation by a variety of opinionated folks rather than a festival of politically correct agreement.

Clearly some of those folks making comments feel very welcome in the land of anything goes…so welcome that one might believe that they have lacked a safe space through which to manifest their bigotry (a bitch will get to that in a minute).

But the anything goes = stimulating conversation position is bullshit. Not only because the quality of anything goes is fucking pathetic but because anything goes pretty much guarantees that only one set of ideas will…um, get going.

See, what the comment policy fails to appreciate is that people of color…and Jews and Muslims…and LGBT people…and all the other “others” who are open targets in the comment section do not need to be reminded that there are rancid bigots full of hate out there.

Trust a bitch…we know!

Contrary to editorial belief, those assholes aren’t starving for opportunities to express their views…that’s the lie that keeps on lying. True, they may not have The Dearborn Independent anymore…but that hasn’t stopped them. Google a racist term and you’ll find plenty of sites where bigots are free to express how hard it is to be a bigot and how they don’t get any respect and how the (insert "other" here) are trying to take over the world.

The voice of the American bigot has a guaranteed presence in the mainstream media, who are forever fearful of being branded liberal thus always willing to allow Ann Coulter or Pat Buchanan or Michael Slavery Was a Good Thing Medved to come on and insult the hell out of some group that is already regularly insulted by the fans of those same assholes at work, at school, while driving, on television, at the movies, while shopping and when reading the motherfucking newspaper.


If a bitch gives The Post the benefit of the doubt - the comment policy is an attempt gone wrong to remind that other “other”…those people who talk of a color blind society and a post-racial America…that one election does not social justice make.

If a bitch goes with my gut – the comment policy is an attempt to generate controversy and thus readership as rancid bigots and those who can stomach opposing them engage in arguments.

If a bitch gets my conspiracy theory on – The Post is really trying to make their web site so intolerable that people will pick up the printed paper again in desperation.


I’m done!

***moves The Post into the fuck it column and logs off***


AJ said...

I've noticed since more attention has been focused on this - at least on the Political fix blog - you no longer get a link from the snippet showing how many comments there are on a given post.

catnmus said...

I believe you when you say that those being discriminated against are already aware of the bigotry that's out there. But what about non-black, non-Latino, non-Jewish, non-Muslim, non-LGBT people that are not bigots but happen to live in a bubble? Knowing that there are people out there who are bigots, who don't support interracial marriage, whatever, is one thing, but actually hearing the vitriol out of their own mouths is really truly an education. I do agree that it should not be prevalent everywhere, because then it will lose its shock value. But having these comments out there, for posterity, pulls the conversation out of the academic and into the bright harsh light of reality.

Berdawn said...

"the voice of the American bigot has a guaranteed presence in the mainstream media, who are forever fearful of being branded liberal"

Thank you! although I don't agree with ANYONE'S behavior in NC, I do think it is a direct result of this sort of thinking.

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