Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Playoffs - Game One…

A bitch and C-Money caught Game One of the playoffs between the Blues and the Canucks in beautiful Vancouver!

The anticipation was out of control!

Our beloved Blues missed several opportunities to score on power plays and lost 2 to 1…one of which was a painful to watch 5 on 3 gift from the hockey gods that we failed to convert.

Oh, the humanity!

But now that we’ve got that first play off game out of the way…and the nerves that come with it…this bitch believes the Blues will come on strong as hell for Game Two!

On Friday we play in Vancouver again.

Go Blues!


Rileysdtr said...

(take deep cleansing breaths) The Blues went in with nothing to lose and played a solid game. They only need to steal 1 and then they're tucked safely away back home for 2. If they go back to Vancouver up 3-1 or even tied 2-2 they're in the catbird seat, as expectations are all on the Canucks. They're pesky and won't easily go away.

On another note, scored tix to Saturday's Hawks/Flames game. Whoo-hoo!

Shark-Fu said...

Thank you , my sister! I needed that.

C-Money and a bitch are going to Game 4! Whoo hoo too!

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