Wednesday, October 03, 2007

If you even dream of denying me you need to wake up and apologize!

I have a policy of not linking directly to conservative sites but I’m making an exception in the case of Michael Medved and an article he wrote over at Townhall titled Six Inconvenient Truths about the United States and Slavery.

Thank you to Rikyrah for bringing this shit to a bitch’s attention.


Shall we?

Last night this bitch and C-Money discussed Michael Medved’s attempt to put slavery into historical context...which resulted in him finding slavery not to be a bad thing and totally not a bad American thing...and we came up with a fantabulous business idea.



C-Money is always coming up with business ideas...that's why she's called C-Money.

Okay, here’s the deal. Michael Medved thinks that American slavery is getting a bum rap and that “America-bashers” are trying to spin the misconception that slavery was all wrong into a reparations money machine.

This bitch thinks that Michael is fucking insane...but not beyond the salvation of correction (anyone can be saved...wink)…which is why C-Money and this bitch think he needs to go to camp.

Mmmhmm, I said camp...

...Slave Camp.

What, damn it?

He’s the asshole saying that slavery wasn’t genocidal and that any thought of this country finding hundreds of years of forced labor profitable is inaccurate.

We'll just test that theory out.

Mike’s journey to camp will begin in West Africa where he, his wife Diane and their three children will be jumped during breakfast and without warning, stripped naked and examined then tossed into the belly of an honest to God slave ship along with everyone else from their zip code.

The Medveds will be housed in the belly of the slave ship chained together and situated head to toe and sometimes on top of one another. Well shit, we need to maximize space to make this slave adventure efficient.

If they survive the multi-month sea adventure...starving and surrounded by the stench of waste and death…they will arrive in Virginia where they will once again be examined then housed with everyone else who survived from their zip code. The young will be separated from the adults, but have no fear for Michael…slave masters weren’t big on age discrimination. Trust that Michael and his family will have plenty to do!

Mrs. Medved…oops, make that Dr. Medved…will watch her children sold in front of her to the highest bidder, her husband fondled and sold to the highest bidder only to have herself sold to a master.

Her PhD won't be worth shit...she's a slave after all...but she did produce three children which makes her a potential breeder.

Then it’s off to the plantation for everyone where, for the amazing salary of not a motherfucking dime, Michael and his sanctified family will be worked 18 hours a day 7 days a week to put money in his master’s pocket and food on his master’s table.

We envision Camp Slavery as the kind of year long adventure only a slavery denier like Medved could love.

But what the hell…slavery wasn’t all that bad, right?

We silly Negroes keep making much ado about nothing…right?

Denying the atrocity of American slavery isn't denying a genocide happened...right?


This kind of "it wasn't all that bad" revisionist bullshit is unacceptable and wrong. I'm particularly disgusted because I saw Medved's sorry ass on CNN a couple of weeks ago...mmmhmm, just chatting away as if he wasn't the insulting enabling peevish little shit he is.

CNN ought to be ashamed of themselves for having this sick motherfucker appear as a commentator. What’s next, Mel Gibson’s take on the future of Israel?

Keeping Them Honest, my black ass.


We’re working on the Trail of Tears Outdoor Experience concept and should have that one ready for the Medveds just in time for Michael's denial of atrocities and broken treaties regarding Native Americans scheduled for Thanksgiving.

Oh and the next time Michael Medved even dreams about denying me he needs to wake up and apologize...sorry ass motherfucker.


Anonymous said...

. . . . . And there is nothing left to say, ABB, as you have pegged the racist denier, stripped him and hopefully got his name on the first line of role call for Camp Slavery.

delux said...

Are you trying to force me to spend all day in a hot kitchen, fixin' you cookies and pie? Are you? Huh? Huh?!!!!! ARE YOU?!

Joe said...


What possible purpose do freakshows like Medved think is being served by stirring UP this kind of shit? Sorry, but this guy is one sick-assed specimen. Lord. Have. Mercy.

Some people should stick to being movie reviewers.

Shark-Fu said...

Mmmhmmm, crazy ass shit!

But hey, I'm gonna score some pie from Delux out of the deal...excellent.

Anonymous said...

Challenge to the Faithful: Any of y'all with tech skillz hear me now. Thou shalt journey into the land of Second Life and build a digital Slave Camp for the digital Medved to experience, since chances are he won't take the free cruise.


Anonymous said...

Additional Request: If y'all are up in Second Life creating shit ... why don't you put ABB in there giving the rod of correction to Medved and Bill Bennett... Just make sure her afro is fluffed.


Anonymous said...

I say throw Ann Coulter on the damn boat, too. She is at least as bat-shit crazy as Medved and wouldn't take up much room.

Love your blog.


Frogspond said...

Ok. I clicked on the link, started reading and made it as far as "“domestication,” bestialization and ownership of fellow human beings" part.

At that point I could read no further cause of the nasty words crossing my mind to describe this idiot.

Then I took a break to write this, got curious and read some more. I got to the part about the native people in South America's "limitless lust for human sacrifice" before I decided that having my blood pressure go through the fucking roof right before bedtime is not a good idea. I closed the window.

Then I opened it again and got to the part where he says there is a difference between the issues of institutional racism and those connected to slavery.

So, he thinks that one has nothing to do with the other?????

Lawd forgive me for this next statement


Stupid ass hole idiots should not be allowed to fucking reproduce cause all ya get are more and more stupid ass hole idiots and we got enought of them all fucking ready. Like damn bugs just multiplying all over the place.

Anyone got a can of raid???

(Bad Bad Froggie)

CP said...

I love it. Slave camp. I think that it's time we Jews open a slave camp too...for our 5000 years of repression.

I will start with enrolling Mel Gibson.


Blue Girl, Red State said...

Fuckin' Brilliant!

Once y'all are turnin' a profit you can expand into Holocaust Camps! This pissed-off Jewish bitch will cinsult!

rikyrah said...

You know ABB,

You could have warned a Sista. I nearly choked with laughter reading this.

I've been mulling around a post,but his original BS is just so ragemaking, it's tough.

I'm with you about the camp.

I've often thought that if I had a million dollars to throw away, I'd give it to the first White Man who spends a year as a Black man- the most reviled being on Planet Earth.


365 Days.

Give them a permanent tan, give them an African name, new ID. Same credentials they have as a White guy, but make them Black. Drop them off in a new city - and see them make it an entire YEAR.

Personally, I doubt they'd make it 3 weeks..

Which means, I'd never have to give up the money..LOL

FM said...

i haven't read such drug-inspired lunacy since i read the book of revelations.

Blackamazon said...

* slides up behind delux breaks out the curry , banana pudding, and roti*

SagaciousHillbilly said...

These dumb fucks. . . makes you want to skip right straight to the Auschwitz Indoor Living Experience.
Sadly, the mass of misinformed melanin challenged people will eat this shit up and grab and hold onto it like an antidote to some unknown disease that they KNOW is festering inside them.

Rebel Yankee said...

Oh, ABB, it's so unlike you to forget to leave out the punishments the Family MEdved could experience.
Say, for example, they try to run away and are branded on their face. Say Mr. Medved overhears something he shouldn't - ear cut off.
Say Mrs. Medved opens her mouth about the fact that her master is using her in the bedroom - bye bye tongue.
I'm SURE they're in agreement that these punishments are perfectly reasonable.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

Oh dear lord, how can someone that motherfucking stupid actually live and breathe, let alone, walk, talk, and write?

Anonymous said...

Camp! Camp! Camp! Send them to Camp! It sounds like just the kind of correction they need.

My favorite part of the whole article was where he talked about how slavery didn't exist in this country for "most of its existence", counting from 1776 to 1865 for 89 years, "only three generations" (though even with that it's really closer to 4, a generation being usually 25 years; but I digress). Completely ignoring the 136 years before the actual constitution, when slavery was just as alive and well in our pre-country. He's perfectly comfortable referring to those years in all other sections of the article. Just not in the one that talks about how long (or not long) it's been going on "in this country". Jerk!

dc_speaks said...

**slow methodical clap of approval**

incredible post ABB!

Anonymous said...


Just because historical shit is just that...does not mean it was right or moral.

Just because 'everyone else did the shit' does not make it right or moral.

WTF Medved?

I'll be sure to save you a place right along the Queen of Rancid Ann Coulter at the Second Life 'Slave Camp'. Too bad thats not possible in THIS LIFE..or is it????

What is so scary about Medved is that this view seems to be the prevailing one. May God help us.


Anonymous said...

Hello ABB:
I just bumped up on the afro-netizen website and through it I found the angry black bitch blog and I though I'd put my two cents in on the Medved article.

I read it all the way through; and honestly he had threads of truth throughout his article but overall his words didn't surprise me. I mean don't we all see how white (pigskin) people act toward us? There attitudes have made a 80 degree turn from the 60's and 70's we are going back in time and I honestly don't exclusively blame them for it. It is up to us brown skinned folks to demand our rights; whether it be through violence, peaceful demonstrations; or just separating ourselves from the pig-skinned people. I feel similar to many of the other blogger comments but I'm at a place in my life where I desire action not talk. Talk is cheap. We must do something because the pig-skinned people are always acting on brown-skinned people. It is time for us to realize we make our own destiny. It is time we make our ancestors proud of their children rather than ashamed that we really haven't moved anywhere at all.

P.S. I’m quite happy to find a place where there are other people who are as disillusioned as I am in these dangerous times.

Shark-Fu said...

I'm an activist and the best part of being an activist is that I've met other people who feel like I do and want to do something to make this world a better place.

Other people...who are prepared to fight for justice...and who represent the diversity that is our human race.

Read the comments again and you will see that all white people aren't trifling (wink)...and that a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds found Medved's commentary offensive.

Having said that...bring on the people powered revolution!

We all, every one of us, want to be free...

Clio Bluestocking said...

You might be interested in this smack-down, -- it's not as brilliant as "Slave Camp," but it's certainly on point.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, there is nothing more I can say than "*WTF*??"

WTF is wrong with that man????

Thanks for being more eloquent for me.

girl6 said...

Love the "Trail of Tears Outdoor Experience" and "Slave Camp" concepts. But I really think that "Survivor: The Middle Passage" is a better idea.

On the other hand, we could totally sell "Slave Camp" as a weight-loss reality show.

You have out did yo bad self. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Sharkfur (ABB) Thanks for your words of insight into the world as you have experienced it. I’ve been reading your postings and you really seem to be an insightful honest human being and I’m so happy to find a place where people tell it as they see it.
But as for me, even though I can’t deny the contributions of people of all skin pigmentations on the quest for liberty and freedom for all. What I desire above all is unity among children of the African Diaspora. I want to feel the strength of all my brothas and sistas across the world.
Medved’s greatest offense in my opinion is that he wrote the article and thought the thoughts that made up the article. And shame on him for even thinking of writing such filth but the greater offense is that the editors and decision makers of the website where it was published thought that enough people felt the same way so that it was ok to publish it. They united around Medved.
And honestly when it comes down to it we “African Americans” lack unity. We are generally distrusting of one another. And from a historical perspective it seems we would trust the word of people of other skin pigmentations before we would trust people of our own skin pigmentation. This leads me to my opinion that just because people of other skin pigmentations have at times stood up for brown-skinned people the world over it does not wash away (for me, a brown skinned empowered young lady) the sins, the evils that so many of a particular skin pigmentation has done to my ancestors and the insults that they still spew today. And it is a reality, and I hope no one tries to deny me this, that no matter how a white person believes they are actively or passively financially and socially benefiting from their skin coloration. So, I am a believer in African-American (brown-skinned people) separating our selves only for the purpose of realizing innately our true worth to the world at large. To rekindle our bond to each other because no body understands our plight (our discrimination and humiliation) in this world better than another brown-skinned brotha or sistahs. We must unite, as the Latinos, Africans, Indians, Europeans, Asians and yes even the white Americans have done so that at times they can make a huge difference in the world at large and in their little part of the world. Until we unite, and demand respect people like Medved will always spew their garbage and there will always be many who agree with him. I desire our betterment, our rightful standing in this world. I desire an end to our humiliation. I desire a Brown-skinned nation. Well, hopefully I don’t offend anybody but at this point in time: I’m a newly disillusioned learner of truth and activism and right now I really am an ANGRY BROWN-SKINNED BITCH; and I don’t apologize for it.

Shark-Fu said...

Ah my sister Isis,
You have just articulated one of the great debates of our time. My father used to have the same debate back in the day.

I strongly disagree, but that's because I do not believe that true empowerment can be achieved separate from the source of oppression nor do I beleive that cultures only thrive in isolation.

Take me, for instance. I did not find my empowerment through separatism...not as a woman or as a woman of color. I found it through the struggle, through the dialogue and through a unity of purpose expressed by POC and others that should never be limited by ones background or history.

Anti-oppression work is complex because of the very things you mentioned, Isis...but I have found that it is the way.

And we aren't going to back away from the climb just because it's hard...are we?

Don't get me wrong...I welcome this and other debates because we won't get anywhere dancing around our true feelings.

But I'm a culture junkie...I am not threatened by the diversity of my fellow human beings despite the history of it being used as a sword against me. That's power...knowing myself and loving myself even when society doesn't.

I feel me? I am fully realized...empowered through the process of exploring my life in a sea of diversity.

And you are, Isis.

You feel that?

Explore your glory...your anger...your history, present and the sea of diversity. Confront...resist...but do not step back.

We've miles yet to walk, my sister...and I hope to walk them with you.

Stankoniforous 0ne said...

In a total unstereotypical nerd move for a black male, I'm in love your blog.

Shark-Fu said...

Hey Stank.

Sorry, a bitch couldn't resist (wink).

Thanks and thank you for reading.

Terrible said...

Love the camp and outdoor experience ideas!!

Laser Potato said...

Reading Medved's article made me wish it were possible to strangle people via the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had to pick apart this guy's argument here:

Kristin said...

All I have to say is Slavery Camp...brilliant! Are you holding auditions like DIsney? "I want you to play the part of an auctioneer. You're gonna fondle this man's nuts and check his teeth! Can you do it?"
Anyone looking for some truth on this make sure you watch or rent or buy Tales from the Deep North, a documentary recently on PBS.
Very poignant perspective from the descendants of slave owners and some voices and thoughts you rarely hear spoken/experienced aloud.
Medved and others of his ilk will face their day of atonement! This I do believe.

Miss Trudy said...

Usually I laugh at the verborrhea of these asses and deem them beneath contempt, worthy only of being ignored. But this one needs to be addressed. I hope he gets not-so-metaphorically jumped in a public square. That is not just stupid, it's plain evil.

Jessica Hughes said...

What's more disturbing is that it seemed to spring out of nowhere, where these public officials, and other in the public eye now have the ability to spew out whatever garbage or lies they feel like, and instead of being ignored/shunned/etc, they are embraced and accepted! People like medved, or palin supporters who will vandalise a wikipedia page to change it to what their idiot queen says. How did this happen?

What's funny is that, I'm a afro wearin sistah, and my fiancee is from new zealand, and even HE laughs at rediculous statements and pieces like medveds. You mean to tell me, people that aren't even american have a better grasp on the horros of slavery than we do? Granted, his ancestors weren't the best either,but get a grip dude. What will happen with medced now? Will there be repercussions, or will he be embraced like so many other jackasses?

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