Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beckoning autumn…

A bitch is beyond pissed off about this warm weather.

Regional warmification is ruining my favorite time of year!

Where the fuck is my frost, for the love of all that’s long of sleeve and made of wool?!?


Mayhap a bitch could beckon the cold by pretending that my ass can get my autumn-based joy on without it.

ABB’s Beckoning of Autumn List of Needed Things…
Long comfy form disguising sweaters
Tea….lots and lots of tea (served in my ABB Mug, of course).
Shortbread biscuits…to go with the tea
Bourbon…to go with the tea and the biscuits (wink)

Flannel…lots and lots of flannel.

Blissfully comfortable insulated slippers
Marshmallows…to go with the graham crackers…to go with the chocolate (yum!)
Vegetable stew with dumplings.
Buttermilk biscuits to go with the stew.


Gawd, I hope a week of sweating under my flannel while shoveling stew, biscuits and bourbon laced tea down my gullet does the trick!


Hammer said...

I'm totally jealous of your weather!

It was a shitty summer here in Holland and now the weather is around that 55oF mark and bones hurt and I have the flu.

Though, like you suggested...Rum-ified tea with mint leaves and lemon, honey and ginger is AWESOME! And being sick is a reason to eat lots of garlic as well...imagine how I smell right now! hahaha.

Okay, you enjoy your prolonged summerish weather. Hopefully it will cycle it's way over here next summer! I need heat!!!



It's Me... Maven said...

I've already got a batch of biscuits made... YUM!!!

Phil Davis said...

70 degrees in Rochester, NY - today. My sincerest apologies for the size of my carbon footprint.

Dandy said...

...La-De-Da-Da-Da,goddamit i'm soooo happy that i even got me some bisquits that i can make this beautiful autumn day ( most po' folks caante preciate the beautiful autumn cause deh caante bake em), and even though I have a BLOG that says I AM ANGRY, and even though I can go on NPR radio an explain why I AM ANGRY, and even on THE VERY DAY THAT BUSH PROCLAIMS THE POSSIBILITY THAT WORLD WAR-WAR-WAR-WAR-WAR 3, iii, three,III is next, soon, coming to your local theatre starring u, me, our children et al, I AM GONNA KEEP FUCKING MAKING MY GODDAM BISQUITS ANYWAY!!!!!!!!
Ttuth is: i'm a pussy................

Dandy said...

Oh dear bitch, i'm just so happy u have a batch of bisquits coming out of the oven just when the president of the united states has announced the beginning of world war 3, but what the fuck do we care 'cause we just love to make our wonderful bisquits and be feminists to give the impression that we are about justice and freedom for all
and so long as that bulllshit keeps bringing in cash................fuck it,

KyCole said...

How do you think I feel? I own a yarn store. Who the hell wants to knit a sweater when its ninety degrees outside?

stljoie said...

I actually bought some snuggly 'loungewear' yesterday and made a big pot of chili today...I'm getting ready to snuggle. I loved your NPR appearance and your blog.

rikyrah said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who MISSES FALL!

It is my favorite season.

This ' last gasp of summer' crap is annoying me. I WANT to wear a sweater! I WANT a reason to start making hot chocolate.

Dusty said...

I am freezing my tata's off lady :P

Ok, not quite freezing, but its friggin cold and damp...

Maya's Granny said...

I'm indulging autumn with baked winter squash and steamed vegies and stew and home made soup. I can see snow on the mountain top outside my window. Lovely, lovely weather and I hope you get some of it soon.

Jeff said...

Spring and fall are when St. Louis shows itself off to best advantage. Mother Nature is proving to be a lazy ass this year and can't even be bothered to flip her own calendar and see that she is beyond late with the fallness.

Anonymous said...

Is "Dandy" always a racist hater or is he just suffering in the heat? Wait, maybe that's not even a question -- racist haters don't need an excuse to do what they do.

Laura in L.A. said...

I keep re-reading your list because it makes me feel so cozy, even if it is 89 degrees outside! Thanks for giving words to my longing for real autumn weather.