Thursday, October 04, 2007

I think you better call Tyrone…

And tell him come on, help you get your shit.

My goodness, this bitch is feeling musical today (wink).

All blessings to Ms. Badu!

Anyhoo, a certain Senator Larry Craig lost his bid to reverse his foot tapping fortune. His guilty plea regarding his solicitation in a Minneapolis airport restroom will stand.

Soooooo…ummm, uh…hello?

****sound of crickets getting their groove on****

Mayhap someone should call Tyrone for the Senator?



Eliza524 said...

"But he can't use my phone." Damn, now that song's going to be stuck in my head. Well, at least it's a song I like.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

ohhhh man i remember when that sen. craig thing happened here. HILLARITY. i like how when this kind of thing happens, it's usually to the homophobes. now THAT is comedy! or maybe irony.

Larry Craigs Left Foot said...

What a lame attempt to 'clear his name'. No surprise the judge didn't fall for it. Now maybe he can disappear and go away this time.

Anonymous said...

Shhhh... let him just implode all alone. Imagine - a Democrat from Idaho next term. (Do they have Democrats in Idaho?)

Aimee said...

damn...i need a copy of that album! the only one i have is worldwide underground!