Monday, October 15, 2007

Anticipating the Senator Craig interview…

Matt Lauer has landed a Senator Larry Craig interview.



Oh c’mon!

This is not a case of a bitch keeping this story alive. Blame that on a certain Senator who continues to fight for the right to stand wide.

And a bitch isn’t even going to pretend to be above enjoying a conservative taken down by his own hypocrisy and men’s room foot tappification.

Shit, The Senator Craig Show is looking to be the break-out (unless you’re a neo-con buried deep in your closet) hit of the year!

Mmmhmmm, and those teaser media leaks about Craig accusing Romney of throwing him under the bus then backing up to run him over again...fucking priceless!

A bitch awaits the interview on the morrow...


The Lazy Iguana said...

You think he will demonstrate his fancy footwork by doing a tap dance?

Minneapolis Mens Room Attendant said...

Hmm. From Foot Tapping to Foot Dragging. I suspect he's trying to salvage some part of his retirement package here. Retirement is the only thing left for him when his term runs out.

Maya's Granny said...

It was originally Keith Olbermann who said that Romney had thrown Craig off of the campaign bus, run over him, then backed up and run over him again. Do you suppose it was Craig who saw it or one of his staffers?

LiberalDemDave said...

schadenfreude abounds!

rofl...poor craig's gone from tap dancing to the "soft shoe"! i wanna see him partnered with mario lopez on next season's "dancing with the stars"!