Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pondering hypotheticals…

Whenever I hear a political candidate say that they will not answer a hypothetical question I get pissed…and when the questioner takes that spoonful of bullshit in one swallow it drives me crazy.

This bitch has consumed news story after news story that begs to be transformed into a hypothetical question for a wanna-be President!

The California wildfire story
Do you think all major cities should have a disaster relocation plan and, if so, what assistance will your administration provide states in developing such plans?

How much of the response in California is due to the state government versus federal government and what would you do to guarantee that American citizen’s likelihood of being left to rot during a disaster isn’t a factor of which state they live in?


The Scooter B. Sanctions against Iran developing story…
Given the growing affection between Russia and Iran, would you have issued sanctions against Iran’s military?

If Scooter B. takes this nation to the brink of war with Iran what would you do with that inheritance?

Since Russia plays a huge role in this diplomatic equation, how the hell would you deal with that shit?

The Space Shuttle story married to the cost of war story married to the housing market story married to that old mission to mars story
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost trillions to continue, America has never had a housing recession without a wider recession and our national debt doesn’t look to be going anywhere. Despite the recent successes surrounding the Space Shuttle many question the renewed call for space exploration given our economic situation. If elected President would you pursue Scooter B.’s quest for Mars or would you scale back the space program?

The Turkish border crisis story…
Many see the developing military hostilities between Turkey and Kurdish rebels as a taste of things to come given the lack of progress in Iraq and the continued strain being put on border nations. How do you plan to balance border conflicts with the internal objectives of the war and how do you plan to proactively address these issues as they play a factor in the withdrawal of American forces?

The Red Headed Neanderthal story


Okay, maybe not the red headed Neanderthal story.


Why the hell are these candidates being allowed to state their policies without addressing how those policies would apply to real world shit?


***Sound of crickets getting their groove on***



Anonymous said...

ABB, you are beyond divine. I live for the day when you actually get to question these worthless, pandering, evasive, lie-encrusted shitlicks. And the day when you run for office. There's some debates I want to see. I'd move to St. Louis to work on your campaign.

Maya's Granny said...

Perhaps after the candidate refuses to answer hypotheticals, the next reporter called on can ask, "since you won't tell us how you would handle the problems that are facing the nation, how are we supposed to know what you would do in office, and why should we vote for you?"

Or, in an ideal world, the entire press could get up and walk out.

Anonymous said...

"Why the hell are these candidates being allowed to state their policies without addressing how those policies would apply to real world shit?"

I have often wondered this very thing. They're all working from this definition of "electable" as "never giving actual concrete answers to anything or having a discernible personality."

FOrget that shit. ABB for president!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

It seems to be a matter of perspective and the ability to define reality. The repubican as well as some of the demo candidates rely on the proles ability to not have a grasp of reality and a proper perspective on what is and isn't important. These are people who think that Pat Conroy novels in the classroom is a reason to mobilize and protest while their government tortures prisoners and takes away constitutional rights without a peep out of them.
The proles believe that "9/11" was the equivalent of Pearl Harbor or the Nazi threat.
I don't wonder for a minute why they swallow the superficial convoluted ramblings of their favorite politician.
We are too stupd to survive as a great and benevolent nation.

Anonymous said...

Given the reality that the space program is a want not a need, it should have been scaled back a long time ago. I do not see how this fits into the role of a government it should be a private business endeavor

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