Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday preparedness…

Longtime readers know that this bitch teaches Voter Education classes at several local shelters and community centers.

I firmly believe that an educated voter is a lifelong voter!

Anyhoo, every election I get to enjoy the pay-off for all that volunteer time...the honor of driving new voters to the polls and participating in that new voter experience all over again.


Tomorrow, this bitch will be driving eight former students to get their vote on in a Missouri Presidential Primary. If everything holds together (please, pretty please) I’ll have one shift in the morning, another mid-day and a final one in the afternoon.

ABB’s Presidential Primary Preparedness list of needed things…

Petrol…because Ms. Sistah Girl Cabrio does not run on bitchitude alone.

Cell phone…because you never know when you may need to call for back-up.

Camera…because something this cool is begging to be documented.

LWV Voting Rights Info…because even a bitch needs reference materials.

Patience…because democracy is often messy (wink).


Red7Eric said...

This sounds wonderful -- I don't suppose you're allowed to institute a no-voting-for-Romney rule in your car? Because that would be even better ...

(Kidding. Sort of.)

Anonymous said...

Dusty said...

Good on ya Shark Fu! I hope you do take some pics of your students and show us how proud they are to exercise their right to vote.

I am voting today too. Here in the reddest county in Cali I suspect the turnout to be roughly the same as the 06 Congressional election.

At least this time around..our Sec of State Debra Bowen has outlawed those nasty Diebold machines ;)

Dave Coulter said...

That's awesome! Which reminds me that I need to get out to vote!