Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Glenn Beck is an asshole or How I learned to start worrying and resist Soylent Green…

A bitch just trudged through an article by Glenn Beck, who is an asshole.

In the article, Beck offers the suggestion that the federal government send out those stimulus checks as debit cards. Beck argues that some Hurricane Katrina victims used debit cards handed out by FEMA to purchase luxury items…so debit cards are guaranteed to get spent and put money back into the economy…but checks might actually be used to pay off debt, so our government should just send out those nifty credit card resembling debit cards instead.

Somewhere in the article Beck mentions that he hates the idea and believes that the markets should be allowed to correct themselves.

For real, the man is having arguments with himself in print(wince).

Did I mention that Glenn Beck is an asshole?

A bitch wouldn’t want that to go unsaid.

Now, if only someone would tell his stupid ass that debit cards can be used to pay bills too…


Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Beck is crazy. When they aired his first program, I watched intently, hoping to be introduced to some maverick host in the mold of, say, Keith Olberman on Countdown. Was I surprised? He's really a right-wing idiot in the mold of Rush Limbaugh.

I wonder if you noticed that he has a problem speaking logically in the sense that one sentence doesn't flow from another. For example, he'll make a point and, instead of giving examples or illustrating the point, he'll go off into a kind of "by the way" point. So we have a hosting a cable program who talks in disjointed sentences. Amazing.

Basia said...

ABB, you have a great blog. I (a bitch, quite literally) invite your perusal of my blog. I attempt to make some salient points.

Basia said...

ABB, you have a great blog. I (a bitch, quite literally) invite your perusal of my blog. I attempt to make some salient points.

AOB said...

Shit. I guess I better not tell Glenn Beck that I am also taking hubbys money and paying on my business computers and software. hahaha

Maya's Granny said...

I know that they want me to spend the money on things I don't need. But, I need the money for bills and I will spend it that way.

Unknown said...

Silently bangs head on the desk

I can not stomach Bleck aka Glen Beck. The man is a complete and utter waste of skin. That CNN actually pays this fuckwit a salary to spew his hate-filled garbage is something I find very offensive..and outrageous.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I don't understand why Americans are attracted to snide sarcastic punks like Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbough and yes, Bill Maher.
They are all nothing but sensationalist little pricks.

Anonymous said...

I think you misread Glenn's Article. He talked about the abuses of FEMA money. His only fault is that he did not mention the grossest abuses, such as some of the so-called victims who spent the money on Sexually Oriented Entertainment in Houston at places like Babes and Caligula XXI.

I don't understand your groundless personal attack against Mr. Beck. At least my criticism of him for being too polite about he matter is factually based, unlike yours. As far as political attacks, I think Mr. Beck has more to fear from me than you.

Shark-Fu said...

Even Glenn Beck has nothing to fear from the anonymously inaccurate and morally misguided.

As for groundless, I beg to differ and submit his program on CNN as evidence of his assholia.


Unknown said...

Every bit of fuckwittery spewed by Bleck can be refuted for the love of Christ. I suppose it's ok for the contractors to rob and pillage the federal coffers for millions however..right Anon?

His hate-based blather has a limited audience..the ignorant hatemmongers and people like Shark Fu that read his diatribes and wonder how this man has managed to live amongst the normal, thinking folk for as long as he has. Its a sideshow of freaks and kneejerk reactionaries that actually buy Bleck's bs.

But..I could be wrong..wink ;p

GoGo said...

i'm not a multiple poster, but i just used a soylent green analogy myself for some commentary. i had to say, made me giddy to see you use the metaphor.


Frogspond said...

Too bad the fedgov is borrowing to give us all the rebates. This rebate is going to add 170+ billon dollars to the national debt.

I have decided that unless I NEED the money I am not going to cash my check. Others out there, if you need it, use it. If you don't, then don't cash it.

Just my two cents....

Unknown said...

The only problem with not cashing your check is that it doesn't go back into the coffers - there's no expiration date, so to speak. It ends up costing more money because the government will have to put it into an "unclaimed money" fund and essentially keep track of it forever.

Issuing debit cards will merely cut the credit card companies in on the action, not make the least bit of difference in how anyone spends it. Whichever company gets the job will undoubtedly get a fee from the government for processing the rebates onto the cards, etc., and then they will turn around and charge the merchants who accept them a higher fee than they would for a credit card transaction. Personally, I object to this.

Anonymous said...

It is very nice to meet you. I have read a number of your entries. I enjoy your honesty,, style and wit. I plan on comming ack often. I found you throuh Mary from

It is nice to know you!

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is my new enemy number one (and his followers are also among the most uninformed fear mongers that I have met to date). He does a bit on his show (which I'm forced to listen too due to my cubicle mate loving his wit...grr), where he calls convenience stores in cities where the Monday night NFL game is held and asks workers questions about current events/politics etc. He then makes fun of the people when they don't know the answer or can't master the English language enough to answer correctly: It is called More-On Trivia. Here is what I have written previously in regards to My disgust of this bit.

My online research has led me to the information that this song is played previous to the "game" (although as I try not to listen I have not actually heard this myself):

“Are you ready for some morons?
An idiot party
We’re all hanging with Glenn
And our mission is to call up
And mess with the retarded.
Yeah their teeth are gnashing
Helmets on too tight
And all the imbeciles are back
for More-On fights.
Everybody is a fan
Of those riding in a special van
Got their heads deep in the sand
And a short attention span.
When they ring up your gas
Your change is never right
All the imbeciles are back for moron fights.

See Below for my comments:

This is a disgusting and cruel attacks on some of the most vulnerable members of our society. If these workers that he is calling are not actually clinically mentally challenged or even mentally ill at times, they are at least financial underdogs, maybe immigrants or some other less fortunate group. Under any circumstances they should not be preyed upon by a wealthy man that wishes to make himself wealthier at the expense of others (and open minded free thought for that radio such as this man's show disgusts me entirely). If you were trying to pay rent (possibly raise children) on $7.15 an hour you too may not be up on the latest politics either (If homelessness or hunger are constantly on your mind...politics and current events would likely fall by the wayside) That doesn't give anyone the right to call you a moron. Some people do not have the luxury of being able to study politics or other social issues all day therefore their ignorance is excusable. This man's ignorance on the other hand is horrifyingly inexcusable and his cruelty intentional. He spends all day researching his issues and plotting his attack to pick on unsuspecting defenseless people...disgusting. I'm sorry that so many in this country have such low self esteem that they would enjoy this type of "humor." It is so sad that listening to this garbage is what people do to make themselves feel better. This is bullying, if you think this behavior is ok...go back to junior high sicko.

Sorry this was so long after hearing co-workers laugh at this program a week ago I have been on streak of telling everyone I know about this, and since you already share my sentiment about his other content I thought you might be interested in this also


Anonymous said...

Glenn maybe a little harsh, but he has been right about the economy so far. You cannot deny the facts.

Anonymous said...

Ican't imagine anybody saying Glenn Beck is correct on the economy or anything else.
What a load of it!

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is a total nut job.

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