Monday, February 04, 2008

Some thoughts on the hot mess in my in-box...

As someone who enjoys all things poll related, a bitch subscribes to St. Louis city Mayor Francis Slay’s e-mail/newsletter/poll thing.

Usually, the e-mail is amusing and interested with a healthy dash of St. Louis trivia tossed in.

But today I logged on to find a hot mess in my in-box.

In an e-mail titled Vote on Tuesday!, Mayor Slay or a minion said the following…

On Tuesday, February 5, many of our readers will be going to the polls to vote in Presidential primaries in Missouri and Illinois.

Since attracts readers from both major political parties (and plenty of political independents), we are not going to tell you to take a Democratic ballot to VOTE FOR Hillary Clinton – although that is exactly what Mayor Francis Slay is going to do. Instead, we are going to urge you to break the recent pattern of low-turnout elections in the City, the county, and the Bi-State area by encouraging your friends and neighbors to get out and vote on Tuesday, February 5.

Oh, and there was some other shit about Prop S.

Now ain’t that some trifling shit?

Hey Francis! Feel free to endorse as you wish…do whatever gives your life meaning...but do not send out some half assed endorsement dressed up to look like a call for voter participation.

A bitch ain't fooled and the Mayor’s office ain’t slick.

Christ, where are a bunch of steamy text messages when you'd prefer them?



Jeffrey Ricker said...

Methinks it might be time to wail on his ass with the Rod of Correction®....

Anonymous said...

I've been working for the Obama campaign in South Jersey this week, and apparently the local Democratic headquarters was handed over part and parcel to the Clinton campaign to use as a staging area. I heard this from an Obama supporter whose wife was heavily involved in the local Democratic party and was very upset that the Party itself seemed to be backing Clinton.

Meanwhile, the Obama people are working out of volunteers' houses.

For all that, there are many, many more of us than there are of them. And I walked through many neighborhoods this weekend without seeing one Clinton sign, or organizer.

Unknown said...

I got a phone call from actress Scarlett Johannson this weekend, urging me to vote for Obama. of course, it was Robot Scarlett, but still.... (grin)

Shark-Fu said... where did I put that darn thing (wink)?

Sarah J...way to get out there and participate in the process!

Megamoose...ain't that some shit? Y'all get Scarlett Johannson and St. Louis gets a sorry ass sorta-appeal from the dude who does our Mayor's e-mails.


Anonymous said...

The mayor-slay blog is written by Slay's PR folks at Public Eye

Unknown said...

lol..that was a very thinly veiled call for Hillary wasn't it Shark Fu?

Can't blame em for trying I guess, but that email should be illegal as all get out.

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