Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Turdmania at the Eatateria...

A bitch was invited to join a recipe blog by NuggetMaven!

Can't you just feel the love?

My ass loves to cook and loves to eat even more.

A bitch's family eats all manner of yumminess, but my ass is responsible for holiday cooking. Since my crazy assed mother ceased cooking after her first nervous breakdown this bitch has been filling the gullets of the Bitch Squad for years!

Basically, this bitch cooks yummy home-style things that are not too complex. My ass looks to other people's kitchens for artistic culinary creations...which are then consumed by my ass with relish!

Sooo, check out the new power blog for food...Turdmania at the Eatateria!


It's Me, Maven... said...

I'm feelin' the love! Love your recipe you posted... delish!!!

I'm feelin' it... can you feel it?

This comment is brought to you by the letters: ateylfxf Spammers be damned!

AOB said...

AOB would like to make a humble offer of appreciation..her Pirate Red chili recipie. Check the AOB latest post!!!