Wednesday, September 07, 2005


A bitch was going to write about so many things today, but my ass read this post and changed my mind.

Tiger Lilly, a bitch is moved and humbled.

Thank you.


Sangroncito said...

thanks for the link.

PissedOffPencil said...

Well, actually I was thinking of a translation, but realized that those who have english as there mother tounge probably where much better on finding the facts. :)

PissedOffPencil said...

THEIR mother tounge. Darned...

Tiger Lilly said...

You are too kind.

I just needed to remind myself. There are so many of us who are grieving for our city and culture and people we may have seen on the street who didn't make it. Like so many others in my generation, I ran away from the crime, the corrupt police, the poor schools, and the slave mentality. Now, I want nothing more than to help put it all back together. My city and my people need me and many more talented and energetic people who ran away looking for something better. We are going to have the chance to make it better...I hope.

Hammer said...

Hey! This comment is for Monkey (and anyone who was confused or upset by my previous comments)!

(first let me say that I had typed this already and a power outage lost my first draft...this may be a little less spirited)

1)The "Hot horny homeless" remark was directed toward ABB (as a friend of mine (that also knows ABB) and I came across an attractive, horny, happy, white and homeless man). Perhaps the joke was too personal to post during this conversation? I apologize if it was frustrating.

Also, the important thing about that comment was the 10-yr plan in St. Louis. The model for its success was a white man. The homeless I see (besides the previously described, attractive, horny, happy and white homeless man) in St. Louis (and around the country) are African American. Which is why there have been protests against the 10yr plan and the consumption of Washington Ave. by its profiteers.

2) My thought, all along, has been that using neo-liberal values and morals as a way to raise the homeless/poor up is icky. Providing resources and letting those that need them decide what to do with them is better (in my opinion) do you see the difference? Of course, people get really scared in trusting people that are not like them to ‘handle their own shit.’ As if the poor are poor by mere mismanagement and not availability of resources?

3) Another point. I understand that you were frustrated after reading my last post, but I don’t see what being ‘of latin descent’ has to do with my ability to use the name Che as an alias (which, btw, was given to me by ABB). I prefer Hammer (a name given to me by my anarchafeminist mentor). I am an activist for the Latin community here and abroad focusing on organizations like CISPES (community in solidarity with the people of El Salvador), SOAW (movement to close the Western Hemisphere International Security Coop.), I worked to stop CAFTA (which, alas, has passed), AFTA and the FTAA. I give my life and freedom (literally) to promote justice and peace in Latin American countries and here at home. It’s sad that no matter how much work I do that the ultimate definition of my person will be based solely on race. Unless, of course, you were truly frustrated and had to reach into your rather shallow bag of comments?

4) About philanthropy and choosing poverty. As an anarchafeminist, I do not want to contribute to a system that oppresses everyone who is not ‘elite.’ I also do not want to contribute to the re-moralization/moralization of the poor by neo-liberals (or anyone else for that matter). Neo-liberals have a great way of saying things are done in the name of humanity but then when everything is done, you realize that their ideals have screwed the world (i.e. Clinton with NAFTA, Bush with CAFTA). It’s ridiculous.

I recommend that you all check out William Upski Wimsatt (author "no More Prisons! And "Bomb the Suburbs" and founder of the Self-Education foundation). Philanthropy is the key. But if you Contribute More and Consume Less Resources there are more to go around!!

My whole point has been: Supply resources. Do not dictate how those resources are to be used. If you are a true HUMANITARIAN, you will not care how the resources are used, just that they are available and accessible to the people that need them.
Now, my ass was corrected by ABB: Education on how to access the resources is needed. That shouldn’t be a horribly hard task to accomplish. However, the minute you dictate how the resources are to be utilized, you take away the independence and CHOICE of the poor. Not to mention the fact that you sound judgmental. This is a bigger issue than poverty (in my mind anyway).

Now, I hope I haven’t horribly frustrated you. Truly. I really think we are all saying the same thing. The problem, as always, is we are frustrated with the ‘system.’ Instead of working for resolution, we are pointing out the issues. Also, the anarchist in me really feels that letting people have the control of their own destinies (that is: if they WANT to join the hyper-capitalist American society, they can or if they don’t WANT to they don’t HAVE to) is key. We just need to make sure the resources they require are accessible.

It’s thankless work. There’s only so much we can do. Habitat for Humanity, starting community shelters, etc. are perfect ideas to many people (that is: they assure that the resources being provided WILL, in fact be utilized) Unlike the Red Cross who takes resources and fails to equally distribute them. I don’t mind supplying resources: food, housing, money, etc as long as they are being EQUALLY distributed. That means they go to everyone (AND I MEAN EVERYONE!)!!!

Okay, so I hope my point is clear. Again, I don’t mean to be frustrating, it’s hard to cover all the facets of poverty on a Blog (and I have issues thinking faster than I type!).

In peace, solidarity and humanity!