Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Have you seen Latoyia Figueroa...?

Have you seen this woman?

Please read this report about a missing Philly mother to be. Her name is Latoyia Figueroa. She is 24 and pregnant.

If you have any information please contact the Philadelphia Southwest detective division at (215) 686-3183.

Thank you Maidink for bringing this to my attention!

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disgruntled said...

Thanks for putting this out there. I sure as hell wouldn't have heard it otherwise. But I can tell you that hairball on the piece of tape isn't that Holloway chick's hair.

Isn't that a shame? Like we really need to know each detail of that case when other women, women of color, are going missing each day and aren't getting even a sliver of news coverage in comparison.

Thanks again.

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