Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Today is a bitch’s brother’s birthday!

My beloved older brother is 35 years old today. Yeah!

My brother Bill is the most amazing person that I know. He is autistic. Not Rain Man autistic, but “oh shit, this dude is autistic!” autistic. Bill has always been the single most inspiring person that I know. A bitch witnessed his frustration as he struggled to learn the coping mechanisms that were vital to his survival in the modern world. And my ass resented the hell out of him for getting all the attention all the time.

Shit, just because he’s autistic doesn’t mean a bitch can’t indulge in some sibling rivalry!

Through my 20’s I wasn’t able to spend much time with Bill. My sister and I have always known that we would eventually have to step into the guardian role, so a bitch consciously lived my 20’s so that I wouldn’t resent the sacrifices of my 30s.

Bill has a vocabulary of less than 100 words, yet is a master manipulator particularly when McDonald’s is under discussion. He is profoundly autistic, but maintains close friendships and an active social life. It took my brother 7 years to learn how to use the bathroom and over a decade to learn the few words he verbalizes. Yet, despite his many achievements his greatest is his job. Bill has worked at Chic-fil-A for several years. He gets up at 4 am to prepare for work, because he just that excited about his job. And the ABB family is very grateful to Chic-fil-A for supporting alternative work solutions that provide opportunities for mentally challenged adults.

Whenever a bitch gets too full of myself I think about my brother Bill. I remember the joy he gets out of a simple value meal from McDonalds. I remember the eager excitement he exhibits when I ask him how works was.

So, even though I’m pretty sure he’s not even aware a bitch has a blog I would like to say a huge Happy Birthday to my big brother Bill!

Thanks for making this world a better place for 35 years.


Eva said...

Happy Birthday Bill! I wish him many more to come.

(I have a big brother with Cerebral Palsy. He gets up 5am to get ready for his job and to take out the trash. lol)

Catherine Vocalist said...

Happy Birthday, Bill!

That was a beautiful post, ABB... :)

Shoes said...

Great post. I used to work a camp for autistic children and adults of all levels. I could never put into words the feelings I felt. Sometimes it was definate frustration but sometimes it was moments of pure beauty.

Nemebabe said...

Happy Birthday Bill! :)

How awesome - we have a guy here who is autistic - Eric - great guy. SOmetimes I say he is a great kid, because I forget he is fully older than me. He is totally into trains - and I waited for 2 weeks to tell him I was taking the train up to Jersey last weekend. I told him to come to my office Thursday (he works outside in the plant, but he comes in weekly to "speak to the ladies" LOL) that I had something to tell him and he was so excited when I told him. He knew which train I was taking, where it stopped and all kinds of shit that I couldnt find on the website :) My boss (at the office, not the store - they are FUCKERS when it comes to stuff like this) is extrememly active in the kinds of programs that help people to have richer lives, hell - we have so many adults in this country who refuse to get off their asses and work - we ought to thank God for ones who do, and be damn sure we help them out in that.

Anyway - I hope he has a great day.


Sandee Yo! said...

Happy birthday, Bill!

Beautiful post!

(my son is autistic, he just turned 14!)

BarefootCajun said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Bill! Hope your day is fantastic.

What a beautiful tribute, ABB! :-)

BunnyGull said...

Happy Birthday Bill and Happy Bill's Birthday ABB!
My sister has cerebral palsy. She has a job sorting....
Appreciation to all with 'disabled' ("special", wtf ever...) siblings and kids.

Shark-fu said...

Thanks to you all. A bitch enjoyed a thoroughly autistic brunch that involved Bill randomly leaving and returing to the birthday scene when he wanted to request cake. Just like the good ole days! Cake and ice-cream for everyone!

Mighty MaMa said...

No matter what you claim or what anyone else says you the coolest bitch on the Blogger block........Your a great sister! HAPPY B-DAY to your brother.

Dixie said...

Happy birthday, Bill! The celebration of your life has made a lot of people who've read your story very happy!

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Bill. What a nice tribute to your brother.

frogger said...

I also enjoy McDonalds. I wish that I had that kind of enthusiasm for work.

Ninety Two said...

What a wonderful post! Good for you for having so much love for your Bro!