Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Where to begin…?

A bitch has been so preoccupied with the new cult…I mean church work that I have not been on the job!

Now, my ass is confronted with multiple incidents of bullshit to rant about. So get comfy, ‘cause a bitch has some shit to say!

First, shout outs to a few fellow blog hounds that are working hard for the masses.

South City Mouth has a lot to say. Keep it coming honey! Keep it coming!

A big bitchy thank you to Kim Plaintive for bringing the over-blackness of Alicia Keys to my attention. Seems KP was working on some survey responses to acts that performed at the Houston Rodeo. Note – a bitch has been to the Houston Rodeo and recommends the fried dough…skip the turkey leg…trust me on this. Seems that some of the respondents felt that A.K. was too black. Anyhoo, a bitch loves me some A.K., but she isn’t exactly too anything. And what is too black anyway? What the fuck! This bitch thinks that a person can never be too ethnic/sexual/bitchy/’s your life, so live it to excess! “Too” is “code” for “your blackness makes me uncomfortable” and a bitch has no time for that. If I had a dollar for every time some ass told me that I “intimidate” people or that I’m very “ethnic” my ass would be too rich to bitch. At any rate, if rodeo visitors in Houston are thinking you’re too black, you are probably just barely black enough…

Missouri executed an innocent man. Thank Gawd The Innocence Project helped us uncover this massive fuck up! A bitch has always been torn on the issue of the death penalty. My ass does think some folks need to be put down. The problem is that our system is simply too fucked up to identify who gets the needle and who get a pass. This possible murder at the hands of our legal system is just one more example that we are not ready or fit or prepared or worthy of making this decision. What the fuck do you say to this man’s family? What do you say to the victim’s family? Jesus to heaven and back again, by fucking this shit up you have let a fucking killer walk around somewhere for 20 fucking years! Lawd have mercy!

More on Rove…

Katie Couric took part in the biggest waste of time my ass has seen in a long while. Ms. Couric, hair frosted to an extreme that made me question whether her stylist hates her, decided to question Newt of the Gingrich Newts about Rove. As if his ass has anything relevant to say! Why not call in the Swift Boat Vets and ask them what they think? Fuck me; am I the only bitch who thinks this is crazy?

Newt, being a fucking RNC robot from way back in the day, not only defended Rove but questioned whether Novak (the original Price of Darkness) did anything wrong by questioning Wilson’s critique and, in the process, slamming Wilson’s wife and outing her as a covert agent. Clearly, Newt thinks that Novak is a patriot.

All of which would have been fine if it weren’t for the fact the Katie was outmaneuvered. It was like watching a young Mike Tyson beat the living shit out of some unprepared boxer on his way to the title. Newt didn’t even break a sweat. And hats off to those darlings at the Today Show for letting Newt tackle this spin unopposed! No, no, no! For the love of all that’s holy, don’t dare to book someone from the other side to provide some fucking sanity to the debate. That would be too much like right!

Fuckers! All of them are fuckers. Makes my ass wish I knew some voodoo…

Clearly Rove slammed Ms. Plame in an effort to discredit Wilson, who wrote an article pointing out that the President was wrong on plutonium in Niger.

And Scooter was wrong about Iraq trying to get some glowing material from Niger.

Wilson was dispatched on the request of someone in the Executive Branch, not his wife. She recommended him…because he had contacts…which he used…to find out the truth…which Scooter chose to ignore.

It’s just that fucking simple!

And how did the clowns in the White House respond? Did they thank Wilson for providing information that might have prevented our country from the catastrophic fucking disaster of intelligence failurtude that we are now witnessing?


They outed his wife and her covert status! By doing so, they put the lives of every contact that she has ever worked with in jeopardy. They destroyed the integrity of any investigation that she was working on.

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! Motherfuckers....SHAME!

And hey Newt! The fucking federal government that you sooo adore has determined that what Novak did was more than wrong…it’s fucking illegal! And just because the Prince of Darkness goes unprosecuted don't go thinking he didn't break the law. Please...that level of ignorance is beneath y'all.

I hate these people and I hate what they have done. But I hate the Today Show more for giving their dumb asses a forum to attempt to spin that what they did wasn’t so bad. Way to go! Criminals don’t have a voice and NBC is committed to ending that injustice in the world of media!


A bitch is worn the fuck out!

Add to all this that NASA is about to shit out another billion-dollar tax payer funded "experiment" and a bitch is beside myself!

Thank goodness my ass has my church to fall back on…


Judy said...

I agree with you ABB 100%. I sent NBC's Today Show an email telling them what a piss poor job Katie did this morning with Newt. Puleeeeeeze!

I just love your comments about Katie's hair stylist. LOL! You are too much ABB!

"Radical" Russ said...

Like you, I am torn about the death penalty. I like to say I'm 85% against the death penalty.

If I saw someone rape or murder a child in cold blood (like the Groene kids in Idaho), you'd only get to the first "1" in dialing 911 before I personally put a bullet in the back of his skull.

But absent that, there's just no way I can be 100% sure that the system has worked fairly and accurately. You only need to look at the sentencing disparities between white and minority inmates or male and female inmates to see that a black man is far more likely to get the death penalty than a white woman.

Even DNA evidence is not 100% accurate. Evidence can be planted, tests can be flawed or sabotaged.

Like you said, some people are monsters and they need to be put down. But we don't have the right to do that. Lock 'em up for life without parole. Why should a cold-blooded killer get the easy-out of a short life and a painless death? They should be forced to live the remainder of their lives in an awful prison, contemplating their evil acts for decades, knowing they'll never again be free.

Admin said...

Ain't Alicia Keyes half white? But she too black for the Hee Haw crowd at the rodeo huh? This coming from people who climb up on top of 2000 lb bulls. Why they need singing at the rodeo anyway? I thought abusing them animals was all the entertainment they needed. I'd buck like crazy too if somebody cinched up my nuts--if I had nuts that is.

Admin said...

one of the myriad of reasons i hate 'scooter'

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