Monday, June 13, 2005

Post Mortem...

A bitch is not looking forward to the 24/7 media feeding frenzy that will take place tonight. I’m heading to the store to stock up on cigs and vodka.

Michael Jackson has been found not guilty on all charges.

And now a bitch is curious....

Will Michael retreat into Hughesian seclusion?

What kind of man will Blanket grow up to be?

Will ignorant money hungry parents continue to send their chil'ren to Neverland?

Is this like the famed Liberace trial of the 60s?

Will we ever get a good multi-month trial with video like O.J. again?

How long will it take for the shitty exploitative books to come out?

Why did post that grid if they weren’t going to use it?



disgruntled said...

It's going to be a long week...I wonder how long they're going to talk about this.

I'm ready too. Had to shoot over to your page for the latest breaking news. I knew you were on it. :-)

fahren said...

random thoughts about while i was waiting for verdict...courttv wanted a dna sample to get some info. went over to reuters, nothing new on mj. then to ap--site too hard to find stuff. bbc--wouldn't load traffic was sooo heavy. back to cnn and their useless little grid. eventually msnbc had the info. all this makes me think why do white folks love mj so much? especially euro types. i own no mj music. although i have downloaded a couple songs from when he was part of jackson five. maybe a big mj fan could explain the fascination? besides the train wreck appeal i just don't get it. however, i will take great pleasure in knowing bill o'reilly et al over at fox will go apoplectic over this at some point. warms the cockles of my heart so to speak. oh, blanket will grow up to be a quilt.

Mighty MaMa said...

but what about Blanket? what about me?!!?!!?!!??

It's Me, Maven... said...

Where there's smoke, there's fire. Eventually MJ will slip up, and find himself in the pokey.

At this point, I give 50/50 odds of MJ or Tyson ending up in jail in the next two years. I don't think either will be able to control their impulses for too long.

Elizabeth said...

If only there were this much interest in Darfur.