Friday, June 17, 2005

A bitch will attempt to clarify...

A bitch was planning to rant about how freaky Tom Cruise is and how someone needs to save Katie Holmes. But, I don’t really give a fuck. Tom Cruise hasn’t made a movie worth my hard earned money in quite some time. As for Katie Holmes, I was never a fan. A bitch adored Wonder Boys, but any bitch that wears a size 8 boot could have filled that role. So, I’m going to pass on this story and hold onto my rant until the divorce. He usually kicks his women to the curb at the 9 year and 6 month mark, right?

Fuck them both.

Moving on, a bitch feels compelled to respond to some of the great comments made to yesterday’s post.

ABB’s Clarification of Yesterday’s Shit

A man’s infidelity does not “define” him or preclude him from saying anything. On it’s own, it really isn’t any of my business. Toss in some public visibility and it still isn’t my business. But add in a dash of community crusader and this bitch gets concerned.

Bill Cosby stood up and said, in a very weird and sometimes rambling way, what many of us have felt for some time. He made himself a target because he was talking about behavior and morals and “doing the right thing”. He stood up and chastised parents for not setting an example. He ranted about parental apathy and how things used to be in the old days.

“If I had walked out the house looking like that my ass would have been beat at every house on the street. People used to help each other raise our chil’ren!”

Well, this bitch agrees with the village theory. And I’m applying it here with Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby needs to be called out because he matters. A bitch thinks he has some valuable things to say, but he is doing some very different things. If he had been fined for failing to leash his dawg and then started pontificating about the need for dawg owners to take responsibility for their pets, my ass would have jumped on that too! His fucking is related to the issue at hand and an example of how many of our leaders (see Jesse) can’t seem to demonstrate the very behavior they talk about wanting to see. Jesus, Marion Berry pulled a fucking Pookie (see New Jack City) in the middle of a drug epidemic in D.C.! God damnit, their behavior is beyond relevant when they turn around a bitch about all “those people" doing drugs or all “those people" fucking around.

Is fucking contagious? Because a bitch is concerned that maybe Jesse and Bill caught the fuck virus by hanging around all "those" people.

A bitch is not trying to jump on folks who have made mistakes in the past. What I am trying to do is bring up the greater issue. People are confused by the huge difference between what they are told to do and what the folks telling them actually end up doing. Chil’ren notice this shit and this bitch knows that the heathens in my community notice it too.

I ask you, can we really ask of others what we do not try to do? Wouldn’t Cosby be more profound if he discussed his behavior openly and put that shit into context? By remaining silent and yet moving forward on his Black Moral Values tour he is still saying a whole lot.

I’m not moralist and I don’t even believe in marriage, but a bitch does believe in commitment. I believe that adults owe their chil’ren a safe home and food on the table. I believe that adults should raise their chil’ren and that means modeling good behavior.

Because I believe this, my crazy black ass does not have any chil’ren. Okay?

I volunteer a great deal in the St. Louis community and I talk to a lot of young people. Trust me, these kids know who is walking the walk and who is just talking the talk. They use these moral inconsistencies to disregard the message.

And this bitch feels that the message is too important to allow it to be diluted or disputed because Bill Cosby can’t keep his dick in his pants.


CrankyProf said...

Part of the problem is the fact that Bill, and most parents (myself included, occasionally) try to rock the "do as I say, not as I DO" philosophy. Which just Does Not Work worth two shits in a tin horn.

Waggling your metaphorical/allegorical finger (or dick, in Cos' case) at people and harrumphing about morality and "learning from the mistakes of others" has very little positive effect on anything.

People effect change on people around them by acting the good example -- not by acting the Preachy McPreacherson role.

dmfinny said...

" Wouldn’t Cosby be more profound if he discussed his behavior openly and put that shit into context? By remaining silent and yet moving forward on his Black Moral Values tour he is still saying a whole lot."

Absolutely. But that would mean that the community, including the moralizing preachers and leaders, would have to talk openly and honestly about sexuality, relationships, and family. I'm curious to know when we think the shit hit the fan in the Black community. Was it the 70's with Vietnam vets returning to jack shit? Was it the 80's and the growth of the crack trade? Was it the 90's, when Black folks discovered the Wall Street life and immortalized it in gangsta and bling rap?

A bitch feels you, and honestly, deeply, completely, wonders what the fuck do we do? What does the 10% who give a shit AND have a clue do to influence the 10% who give a shit and have no clue, the 1% who have the resources to do something and don't or won't, and the remaining 79% who don't give a shit at all?

Absolut Billy said...
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Absolut Billy said...

Gay Tom and soon to be religious freak katie can fuck all day long and get married for all I care, my issue is why is this NEWS? CBS LED OFF ITS MORNING NEWS WITH THIS CRAP. Oh by the way 6 US Marines were murdered yesterday in Iraq, one of the deadliest days for our troops. But more importantly TomKate have registered for gravy boats at Neimans

fahren said...

I couldn't comment on the 1st Cos post. I get so effin aggravated I can't format coherent thoughts about his hypocrital senile old ass. I will quote my mother and say "God don't like ugly". I wonder if he draws any correlation between his denial of his daughter and Ennis' death. Karma is a mother fucker. Serial ass pinching bastard.

jules said...

As for Katie Holmes, I was never a fan.

Saw Batman yesterday. Great movie, she was the weakest link.
Hate the one-sided smile.
Just wish Cruise would drink, a big tall glass of STFU.

Karen Scott said...

I for one would have been more interested in the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes rant.

The whole BC thing is just another of example of celebs talking out of their arse, this is nothing new.

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