Monday, November 01, 2010

24 hours to go...

Tomorrow is Election Day…thank the gods.

The political talking heads are in frenzy…my poor television set it about to explode from the political ad negativitude flooding the airwaves…and activists across the political spectrum are making the final push to get the vote out.

Yes, the Midterms are upon us!

A bitch spent yesterday getting my canvass on…I’ll spend today calling voters to remind them to vote…and I’ll be at the polls tomorrow.

My predictions?

Buckle up, chil’ren…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Once the dust settles, the people…well, at least the people who show up and vote…will decide who will represent them in government.

The masses…or rather those who vote…will decide on ballot initiatives and propositions and so forth and so on.

And at 7pm (or some time after, 'cause we all know St. Louis has issues...wince) we’ll all grab a cocktail and watch to see what’s what.

Some will gloat…some will cry…and far too many won't give a shit because they didn't participate.


24 hours to go, y’all…

…and there’s no rest for the politically active!

1 comment:

Binge Sleeper said...

Right on Shark-Fu! I'm re-checking my Cali bali. I enjoy your blog!

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