Monday, November 15, 2010

Still chewing on that symbolic earmark ban…

Update - Senator McConnell has flip flopped and will now support the earmark ban...thus clearing the way for the GOP to move on to ban some other "symbol" of out-of-control spending rather than address any actual out-of-control spending.


Shall we?

A certain Senator-elect Rand Paul has clarified his clear as hell swift as a motherfucker flip-flop on his pledge to ban earmarks – "I'm opposed to ear marking and I won't use ear marking personally. I have taken a pledge. There is a Citizens Against Government pledge that I took during the campaign. It was confusion over a reporter not understanding what I was saying."

Rather than turn down the heat created by his clear as hell swift as a motherfucker flip-flop on his pledge to ban earmarks…you know, the one that is shaping up to be a big ole do-nothing symbolic pile of bullshit…Paul’s clarification puts him in a serious pinch.

If Paul merely avoids participating in earmarks Kentucky will be left out of targeted funds for programs and such.

Some Kentuckians may think they want that…but, um…well, the reality of being left out of that shit while everyone else is getting theirs will likely circle back and kick Paul in his clear as hell yet always having to clarifying arse.

If Paul participates in earmarks his Tea Party supporters may be forced by such blatant pledge breaking to dust off those Don’t Tread on Me flags and flood Paul’s office with Lipton tea bags…after a rally or two…and maybe even a march. 

Unless those who adore tea are full of shit when it comes to holding their candidates turned politicians accountable, which they probably are….but even if they are full of shit they probably won’t like being called out for being full of shit and may protest Paul just to avoid the awkwardness of accountability even when that accountability would be applied on a do nothing no money saving symbolic earmark ban.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Mmmmhmm, Senator-to-be Paul is in a bit of a pickle with this and his supporters are right there with him.

Paul needs earmarks not to happen…big time…or he’ll be put in the position of refusing to get Kentucky a plate at the legislative barbeque while his fellow Senators bring out the Tupperware.

Thankfully for Paul there’s a solution – the filibuster!

Gawd, I can fucking see it now – Rand Paul on the floor of the Senate babbling incoherently for days as he filibusters the first piece of legislation set before him that contains earmarks.

That’ll be symbolic, for sure.

And a bitch pondered… “I wonder what the odds are of that happening?”

And Vegas replied… “Girl, please…you so crazy!”



libhom said...

I wonder if Ayn Rand Paul knows that earmarks can be pushed through with budget reconcilliation.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Ahhhhh, the great sea of contradiction. How many bask in the seemingly lulling rhythm of its waves ... only to drown on them.

KBO said...

1. Be for real, he will get his $$. When it comes down to reelection, he's gonna break down and say he had no choice but to accept earmarks, but no one will care because the Tea Party is all about supporting empty rhetoric instead of evaluating real action.

2. I can't be the only person that knows that electing politicians who participate in something called "Citizens Against Government" is hypocritical tomfoolery of the first order. Guess what, Rand? YOU ARE GOVERNMENT now. Sigh. Everyone is laughing at America.

Anonymous said...

So riddle me this. A man who wants to take down government has worked hard to become a part of the government. How does that work again? A man who wants no earmarks will find a way to take them by simply changing the language and name of said word(earmark). Earmarks will be called something like policy adjustments or revitalization programs or business growth mechanisms. That is what always happens. I am now simply watching the government as if it is a reality show on TV. These people are insane. I am ready for all of them to go away.

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