Thursday, November 04, 2010

The New Reality…

Okay, all y’all!

Let’s move on and examine the new reality of American politics.

The key issue that voters cast their ballots on was the economy…specifically jobs and spending.

Come January, a Republican House and a Democratic Senate will swear in with the clear directive from the masses to address the economy and thus create a job-making climate across the land.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell is set to make a speech today that is expected to set the tone for what the GOP plans to focus on first.  McConnell will speak to a conservative group and sources say he’ll call for a total repeal of health care reform legislation and double down on his statements that the GOP’s top goal is to win back the presidency in 2012.

Pause…allow that to marinate…continue.

Mr. McConnell knows that the 2011 House will send forth legislation to repeal health care reform legislation…and he knows that shit will be dead on arrival in the Senate.  Even if he’s able to gather up enough votes in the Senate to support that legislation, McConnell will not have enough votes to override the President’s veto.

That’s why McConnell added that shit about the key goal of the GOP being taking back the presidency in 2012.

For all the talk of common ground, McConnell is giving us look at the gridlockian tension that will likely define the next 2 years.

Some may say that the GOP will work with the Democratic controlled Senate to get shit done so they can campaign on what they accomplished in 2011.

But the harsh reality is that the GOP is signaling that they’d like to campaign on what they won’t accomplish…

…and that doesn’t bode well for those voters who cast their ballots for a job-creating economy.

Added to the mix are all those Tea Party electeds.  With Boehner as Speaker, Kantor as Majority Leader and McCarthy as Whip, the Tea Party that gifted their momentum to resurrect the GOP in the 2010 election is now looking at a leadership that looks like the GOP of old.

Enter Michele Bachmann of the “I was down for the Tea Party when the GOP was still drinking coffee” Bachmanns.  Bachman has already announced that she’s going to run for a key leadership position against GOP homeboy Rep. Jeb Hensarling.

This is more than just the first leadership test for Speaker-to-be Boehner.

Bachmann’s bid is a huge deal that calls down all kinds of questions about what, if any, roll Tea Party Representatives will play in the House now that they aren’t just a mechanism for organizing voters.

Will Bachmann and her caucus end up watching the kickball game they made possible play out from the sidelines…

…or will they have a voice and thus a platform to create all kinds of Libertarian drama for the “we want our Executive Branch back!” GOP?

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

And I’ll return to my earlier pondering of that gridlockian tension Mr. McConnell has hinted at through his post election statements.

I’ve heard about repealing health care reform, read a lot about who wants which leadership position and why, and it’s clear as a baby’s eye that the GOP wants to take back the presidency in 2012…

…but it doesn’t look like the GOP has even written a job creating economy on their Christmas list yet.

Will the GOP put a plan together in time to get it to Santa?

Or are they signaling a different reason for the season?



prufrock said...

Ça plus change...

Actually, the changes we are about to see will, I think, either be horrifically bad for normal people (Bush on steroids) or will signal the end of the recalcitrant posturing on the right wing.

I don't give the latter much of a chance, but a kid can dream.

J said...

In my opinion, the GOP and the Tea Party (who ran as are they even a 'party'?) ran ads and campaigns making a whole lot of promises they will not be able to deliver on.

Where does the GOP intend to cut spending, not raise taxes and yet still create jobs and pay down the national debt? To date, I have heard nothing even remotely close to an idea let alone a plan of action from them.

This is going to be a magicians act I do not want to miss. One that seems to assure that President Obama will be re-elected in 2012.

NC17 said...

Obama is assured to stay in office for another term due to his rock star image. The republicans have no "savior" in 2012, and i'm convinced they're content to "wait it out" until 2016.

Troy N. said...

First and foremost I love your blog and I also ran across mention of your blog in a book about bloggers; very good read. But to the subject at hand; JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, and until then things are going to steadily go downhill; if had a niche or a jumpstart to some really dynamic explosive jumpoff that included jobs (jobs immediately) we would be having a whole other conversation.
He (Mr. President) needs to do a Bill Clinton and strike back with a move that set it off, something, anything just bring back some jobs, please. Ms. B ya feel me?

snobographer said...

If there's a silver lining, it's that we got rid of those worthless blue dogs.

Green energy and retrofitting infrastructure would create jobs, but we'd need revenue to get rolling, which means taxing the rich. Because there's not enough money in cutting food stamps and unemployment benefits, which the Republicans would rather do, the heartless shits.

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