Friday, November 05, 2010

And so it begins…

I am so fucking glad it’s finally Friday!

Shall we?

I woke up this morning to news that the Obama Administration will spend $1 hundred fabillion trillion dollars on a trip to Mars, where officials will stay at a luxury resort and dine 24/7 on lobster drenched in butter followed by sessions of being hand fed peeled grapes by specially trained Cylons from Venus.



Who in their right mind would think that kind of spending is a good thing?

Seriously, people…do we really need a presidential space shuttle at a time like this?

Space Shuttle #1 is estimated to cost $400 billion dollars…’cause of the specially built mosque on board and those gold toilets.

Mars is hostile territory…so security is costing us taxpayers $700 trillion dollars a day. about being out of touch.

And of course all that lobster has to be flown in…hello, $450 million!


But the kicker for me was the price tag for those Cylons. 

Are you sitting down?

Training, grooming and then transporting Cylons to Mars just so they can peel grapes and feed them one-by-one to Obama officials is gonna cost all us Patriots a whopping $900 fabillion dollars.


And they’re passing a law demanding that we turn in our guns and give up public prayer to help pay for it!!!

Stop the insanity, people!

Thank the gods we have new leadership heading to Washington DC that has the courage and oozes the kind of patriotism needed to flush out atrocities like this and defend our traditional way of life.

Lawd knows they’d rather be putting together a legislative agenda to help address our troubled economy…but trying to put a stop to this Mars trip is taking up all their time.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

And all this so Obama can bury his real birth certificate in an $850 million dollar vault in some Martian cave.

Have they no shame?



Jeffrey Ricker said...

I, for one, welcome our new Cylon overseers.

Delux said...

I hope michelle comes back w/ some fabulous saris. that would really bust some guts.

Seriously how high on crack do you have to be to think that makes any sense?

dinthebeast said...

Those damn Cylons and their One True Gawd, why can't they be more like the Hindus? In fact, instead of his pricey trip to the red planet, why can't the president go to India and talk with the leadership over there about some things? Say, trade relations to help our struggling economy, nuclear non-proliferation, the rammifications of a certain gas pipeline, and whatever are we to do about Pakistan...
Just a thought.

-Doug in Oakland

Paul said...

I don't see anyone credible quoting the $200M figure. Not a one.

Troy N. said...

You all are just jealous because both Sasha and Malia Obama know how to speak fluent Cylonese and you can't, so there.
And no it cannot be had through Rosetta Stone, oh no.

J said...

I don't usually rely on Wikipedia for being correctly answering anything but if the charts they have laid out for presidential international trips is correct, President Bush wins by far.

And I just read that President Obama is taking 34 of our Naval warships with him too! LOL

Go GOP! I suppose they have nothing else to think about or worry about whilst sipping their slurpees! Then again, neither does the media apparently. :)

Colonel de Guerlass said...

Obama is a very nice man , as he finds an efficient way of getting rid of political creatures (hope there will be French ones) in an hostile territory.

Student of the World said...

Yeah. This is so depressing.

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