Monday, September 27, 2010

Like inviting the vampire in for dinner…

Christ, a bitch is tired.

I’ve been stressed and thus haven’t been sleeping worth a shit.


Anyhoo, shall we?

Voters are concerned about the economy and they are responding by…inviting the vampire into their house.


Walk with me a moment…come on, take my hand and let’s stroll along this ugly lake of fubar.

CBS Sunday Morning featured a really good segment yesterday that explored why this current economic malaise is different from other downturns.  The segment featured economists who researched around 80 years of economic history.  They explained that we’re not going to see relief until workers see an increase in employment rates and wages. Their history lesson is that economic policies that do nothing to increase employment and wages for folks making less than $200,000 a year are economic policies doomed to fail. 

And now you’re wondering what the fuck that has to do with big business Wall Street candidates doing well at the polls.

A lot, actually.

Beyond the initial quizzical of Tea Party supporters claiming to want to take America back for average folk and then tossing their support behind robber baron’s…Lawd, have mercy…there is the overwhelming lack of common sense demonstrated by voters being seduced by candidates who were part of the industry that pushed for the policies that got us into an economic clusterfuck-based malaise in the first place.

Makes a bitch long to shake people and tell them to think before they throw out the welcome mat for that vampire they met at the bar Friday night.

I’m sure she or he was real cute…dressed to kill and talking a good game.  Maybe they even had a hot as hell make-out session in the car before making plans for dinner. 


That’s a fucking vampire!!1

And when vampires do what they fucking do and attach themselves to that voters neck for a good suck, you don’t want to be the dumb ass motherfucker looking on with shack and awe while gasping “Help me, there’s a fucking vampire attached to my neck!!”


What the fuck?

One of these poised to win GOP motherfuckers is still talking about privatizing social security, for the love of dumb ass ideas proven to be fubar by the volatility of the stock market!

Another one is a former Lehman Brother’s executive. 


Shit, if you’re going to vote for a robber baron at least vote for one who knows how to fucking rob worth a damn!

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Fuck it.

This shit demonstrates a level of resistance to common sense that probably can’t be reasoned with…the kind that responds to hidden camera video footage of their vampire date draining a previous victim to death by shouting “Don’t tread on me, you socialist communist fascist illegal immigrant loving un-American!” and then flings open the door to embrace the architect of their doom.


The Roving Reporter said...

Very true. It seems that a considerable part of the electorate is throwing common sense out the window and voting on the mantle of "change."

Anonymous said...

Here, here. I will never understand people who vote against themselves and what is in their best interest. If and when these fools get into office and they steal all the money again people, will be surprised again, up in arms again, and yet they will continue to vote for these thieves. Same story different day.

j0lt said...

That last paragraph is a work of art.

If only it weren't so true.

Jim said...

My sentiments exactly. I couldn't have said it any better. This is such a great entry. Can I quote you on Facebook?

Lori S. said...

Although in some cases--like here in California, with the gubernatorial race--I think the former big-business execs are going to be sorely disappointed at the limits of their power compared to what they're used to.

Shark-Fu said...

Thanks & feel free to quote me on Facebook as long as credit is given!

Ed618 said...

Personal liberty and freedom, and a more limited government are fundamental themes to the current political awakening which includes the Tea Party.

This is inconsistent with your suggestion that candidates with practical business experience are somehow worse for the public than politicians with an all-powerful view of government.

On a broader perspective, I believe that government's ineffectiveness, inefficiency and corruption, most of which is bipartisan, argue convincingly for precisely the smaller government which the Tea Party calls for.

Shark-Fu said...

'twould be inconsistent if the candidates in question had "practical business experience".

They don't.

They have experience manipulating the markets, they federal government and their own shareholders for personal greed at the expense of our nation's economic stability and in many cases their own corporation's stability.

And here in Missouri the Tea Party candidate du jour for Senate has been in government glutting on pork longer than I've been alive.

Backing big business candidates and career politicians who campaign as outsiders while they live within the bubble is not a recipe for getting back to effective government or economic growth.

That's a recipe for fubar.

Thanks for sharing!

Alliyah Gallows said...

And the worst part is that I'm not even surprised.

What is it exactly that blinds these people so?

And when it all falls through - and it will - the GOP will have the perfect scapegoat: a president of color.


Ed618 said...

The article you linked to referred to races in Ohio, Pennsylvania, California and Florida, not Missouri. Never have been good at mind reading.

There are few intrenched incumbents I'd support; their idea of public service usually has degenerated into the public serving them. Nor do I defend pork projects. (Unlike Senator Schumer, who dismissed them as "porky little amendments.") May moles have eaten John Murtha's eyeballs by now.

And funny, I never hear about Franklin Raines' enormous role in "manipulating the markets, the govt, shareholders at the expense of economic and corporate stability." Anybody ever think to claw back some of his nine-figure compensation? Or does his skin color make him untouchable?

Shark-Fu said...

Aw, damn it Ed618!

I was so planning to enjoy dancing with you on this!

But then you tossed in that skin color bullshit at the end...

Damn if didn't take your argument straight to the toilet...damn near broke a land speed record getting there that fast, son!

And twas so out of the blue too...the very definition of presumptuous, since I've never defended Franklin Raines.

The "black men have done wrong by the masses too" argument isn't an argument..tis a dodge or, at best, a hedge...and it kind of makes the point you're trying to debunk.

Too damn bad, though...I thought you'd hang in there for at least another round before taking it there.

Get thee gone!

Ed618 said...

You are right. I had revised that post a couple of times, and should have done one more. I apologize.

Anonymous said...

I do not know much about the Tea Party but I think it is just representing the white Americans. I do not think they are representing people of racial minority, or lower class, working poor. Reading your blog does bring some insight into this whole Tea Party movement, in a funny way. I enjoyed this whole vampire thing lol. As for your quote, that the person said "illegal immigrant loving" what is funny is that that person is probably a product of "illegal immigrants" from Europe!! This whole immigrant debate going on seems to be racialized, targeting people of darker skin tones, and telling them they are not wanted! That is the impression that I get. I am Native American, and everyone else is a product of immigration. So when I see these white people on the television so angry about immigration I think they are being so hypocritical, and they are idiots. It is also surprising that the Governor of Arizona who tried to implement all of this recent immigrant discrimination policies, is a female, because women are the subjugated group, so a person who has to deal with this harsh reality, is trying to discriminate against someone else. I am trying to understand the current political issues going on, the tea party, and the immigration issue... and it seems to be a bunch of idiots/ignorant people, privilieged people mostly, who are trying to impede underpriviliged or subjugated people from basic civil rights, etc.

OneByZero said...

The simple truth regarding the tea party, IMHO, is they are angry stupid and grasping for someone else to blame for the results of the policies of those THEY elected.

Something I wrote way back in 2007 -
"Corporations finance the marketing campaigns that masquerade as elections while the corporate media report to the people the “truth” edited and presented in a manner so that however the electorate split the non-existent “difference” between the offered choices, the margin of victory will always fall within a range readily tweaked by the corporate black box voting machines. The electorate believes that they are electing representatives freely, fairly and openly. These same voters then sit amazed, scratching their heads in confusion searching for the reason why they feel poorly represented by those who ascend to office following the election process."

Something from a few days ago -

"There are two big hidden truths concerning the founding of these United States of America. First, the founders were for the most part not conservatives, the conservatives of the time were on the side of the King of England. Second, the founders were not only revolting against the rule of the king but also against the power and influence of the international corporations of the day. The foundations of the colonies that later formed this country were laid not but the king but by large companies operating under writ of authority issued by the king. The American revolution was a revolt to overthrow the power and authority of both the king and those corporations operating under his authority."

And a final thought from a wise man -

"Find out just what the people will submit to and you have
found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will
be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are
resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits
of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they
-- Frederic Douglass, civil rights activist, Aug. 4, 1857

phramer said...

From the bottom of my angry, white male, homo heart, I love you. You are an inspiration to all thinking people. All twelve of us. Or so it would seem. Stay angry (and considering the current state of affairs, I can't imagine that will be difficult) and keep writing.

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