Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy NHL pre-season, y’all!

Longtime readers know that this bitch is a hockey fanatic in general and a Blues fan specifically.

I’ve waited and waited…watched classic games on the NHL channel…haunted hockey blogs, read about trade rumors (that Kovalchuk drama was beyond entertaining) and followed my team's off-season antics on Twitter.

Now…finally…the pre-season has begun.


The Blues are looking good…trimming their roster and seeing what the youngsters can do.

Blues Fanfest is scheduled for October 2nd…and a bitch is tempted to attend since there will be a meet and greet with our new goalie Jaroslav Halak.

Confession – this bitch has been beyond excited about Halak’s arrival having watched him kick major ass for the Habs during the playoffs.

I’m not sure if I’ll make it down for Fanfest, but a bitch is sure as shit is going to be at the home opener October 9th against the Flyers.

Happy pre-season NHL hockey, y’all!

Let’s go Blues!

1 comment:

Blue said...

Finally? Didn't post-season just end ;)

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