Friday, April 30, 2010

Spill, baby…spill.

A bitch still remembers watching the horror of the Exxon Valdez oil spill on television.

It was hard to watch…I have a hard time watching animals suffer and images of birds covered in oil were beyond disturbing for me.

I don’t remember the Three Mile Island drama, but I sure as shit remember Chernobyl.  We watched that drama unfold in the pre-internet days…slowly learning that things were not under control and that the politics of the Cold War were making it hard to find out just how not okay things actually were.

The damage to people and the environment is still unfolding.

There have been many accidents in the quest for fuel and energy…and the environment isn’t the only victim.  Sometimes I think that people forget that we live in the environment…that humans are animals too…that shit doesn’t happen separate from us and the shit that does happen will touch us. 

Now we have a disaster of yet to be determined proportions off the Gulf Shore.

An accident…a fire…the tragic loss of life…and the oil spill…and then a leak that now threatens the environment.

Off shore is now on the shore…big time.

Spill, baby.



CeCe said...

I heard the most idiotic defense for continuing to explore for oil as part of the new energy bill from a BP executive.

I personally haven't reached a firm decision of how I feel about it, but this fuckery definitely pushed me more into the "against" column.

This guy said, "when planes crash, do we talk about shutting down all air travel? No, we don't. So that means we shouldn't be trying to shut down oil exploration."

So idiotic. When planes crash that aren't supposed to (i.e. 9/11), yes, air travel is shut down until further notice. But when smaller planes go down by accident, Boeing gets sued or entire fleets get pulled.

Oh and the biggest thing, when a plane crashes into a tree or a lake or a field, the loss of life is sad and horrible. But one thing that doesn't happen is THE ENTIRE LOSS OF AN INDUSTRY FOR THE NEXT YEAR(S)!! These fishermen are now having to seek jobs with BP to help clean up the oil spill. This shit is ridiculous!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

*deep sigh*

Yeah, I remember those events too. I haven't even wanted to see the pictures of this one, it's too painful, but I will out of need to blog about this drill dummies drill attitude.

Unless BP finds a quick solution to stop the flow, their mess, I think, will be worse than Exxon's in Alaska. My mind can hardly imagine it.

Peterr said...

I remember Three Mile Island. And Chernobyl.


The New Orleans Times-Picayune has an animated map, showing the growth and spread of the oil across the region:

Not a pretty picture at all. My fear is that this will be the chemical equivalent to those nuclear accidents.

Mark Hewitt said...

This is a major pluck up. The thing is they dont even no how much is leaking and we are lucky it might be capped in 2 MONTHS. If not they gotta drill another hole just to stop it. Sweet jesus BP should be take to the cleaners.

Laura said...

I'm so upset by this. You know the Dawn dish detergent commercial that shows the (simulated) washing of the oil-covered little duckling and other little animals? It makes me cry every time. This whole situation breaks my heart, and I feel so helpless.

Colonel de Guerlass said...

Suppose oil comes to coast and destroys all the protected species:
then, it no more a matter to protect nature there and new, cheaper oil drills can be put everywhere.

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