Friday, April 16, 2010

Did you know Missouri has a thought panel just for women?

‘Tis true! 

The Missouri State Senate is there to “help” women with complicated things like thinking and making decisions in partnership with our doctor!

Yep, the same MO State Senate that has wasted countless hours of the people's time working to prevent our access to federal health care reform because they are allergic to government being involved in health care has...oh, glorious hypocrisy reigns supreme...passed a bill that would plop the Missouri state government down between women and our doctors!


Pause…crack knuckles…continue.

I’m so tired of being tired of the shit cranked out by my state legislature, y’all just don’t know!

The latest public display that the majority of Missouri legislators think it’s a miracle women have survived this long without their asses guiding our every action and decision is the Missouri Senate’s passage of the 2010 Abortion Restriction Bill.

This bill is a steaming pile of paternalistic bullshit on ice.

Want more restrictions to go with the tons of restrictions already in place to regulate abortion services…even though abortion is already the most regulated medical procedure in the state?

You’ve got it!

Want the Missouri State Legislature all up in your personal bitness…up in there standing tall and proud to be ig’nant between your doctor and your ass?

You’ve got it!

Did you think Stupak was extreme?  Think again – the Missouri Senate took Stupak and shoved that coverage ban so far to the right it hit a fucking wall!


Want to prevent unwanted pregnancies, increase sexual literacy and treat and prevent sexually transmitted infections?

Too fucking bad!

Nothing about this steaming pile of paternalistic shit on ice does a damn thing to prevent unwanted pregnancies, increase sexual literacy or treat and prevent sexually transmitted infections in Missouri.

‘Cause passing prevention legislation would have been too much like right and it sure as shit wouldn’t have given our oh so worried about the little ladies of Missouri’s ability to think independently legislators the BIG WIN pile of steaming shit proof-based anti-choice pander-bill they were really going for to appease the anti-choice organizations that they serve.

That they did it on tax day…so that this bitch could know to the penny how much of my hard earned money goes toward the pool out of which these craven motherfuckers get paid…was salt in the wound.

Well done, Senate - if you're gonna say "Fuck You", say it loud and hard!

Fuck this fucking shit twice on Sunday.

When I schedule my well women exam next week this bitch is tempted to contact the assholes who voted for this shit and demand that they come along too…just in case I have to make a decision or think.

I mean, if they truly believe that women are feeble masses of emotion who get all worked up when visiting a doctor to address anything and everything going on “down there”, then they are fucking negligent for failing to pass the same bullshit regulations for my pap smear or for all medical things related to my reproductive system.

Hell, if the Missouri Senate is to be believed, this bitch needs a permission slip...from some man, of green light a pelvic exam!


I’ll end this rant of absolute disgust in the majority in the Missouri Senate with a tip of the Afro to the minority – to those State Senators who stood up, pointed out just how ridiculous the 2010 Abortion Restriction Bill is and took the opportunity to point out to the fools on the floor that, if they really gave a damn about preventing unwanted pregnancy and empowering Missouri women, they’d give a hearing to and pass the 2010 Prevention First Act.

Our pro-choice legislators are fantabulous…like fresh air in a room full of stank…and I appreciate the hell out of them.

I need look no further than the 2010 Abortion Restriction Bill to know that we need more pro-choice voices in the Missouri Senate to protect us from those who would protect us from ourselves...


Ariel said...

No! It passed the Senate? Oh God! I have *got* to get out of here. I'm beginning to hate the Midwest.

J said...

Hmmm...seeing as how I couldn't possibly think for myself, let alone decide how I feel about this, I'm wondering if the State of Pennsylvania has a panel I can go to in order to find out. They can decide for me!

All kidding aside, you have every right to be upset. We all do. It is ridiculous. Absolute foolishness. Problem is, how many state legislatures will see this and follow suit?

I'll be keeping an eye out here! Shhh...I am smart and independent and can make my own educated decisions. :O

JT said...

Missouri needs more pro-choice voices in govt. Perhaps a certain bitch should run for something.

And in case you have doubts, last time I checked there was a penis downstairs. And my manly decision making powers say it's all good.

Shark-Fu said...

You are WRONG for that (wink)!

I never say never, but a bitch has high blood pressure and working with these fools may prove hazardous to the health!

Alliyah Gallows said...

WT and F????

Courtney said...

I have been considering getting my tubes tied as soon as I have insurance again. I don't want kids and would not want to carry a pregnancy to term. Considering how much reproductive freedom has been eroded in the past few years, I think I should exercise that freedom while it still exists at all.

Nat said...

You know I would say I'm surprised but fucktards uphere are trying to get between me and legs too...

Just when you think you're winning the war. So fucking sick of Old Men trying to tell us women what to do...

Yankee, Transferred said...

What JT said. When's a bitch going to run? I would totally think about MOVING THERE if you were in politics in MO.

jurassicpork said...

Sounds like a bitch need to start slapping somebody upside their head.

Stella said...

I had the same thought as JT, but then realized how badly it would impact your attention to this blog, which I lovelovelove. Face it dear, you are the best thing about Missouri to many of us.

Anonymous said...

This bill is totally unconstitutional. What happened to smaller government? They use that term whenever it helps their cause. But these nut jobs don't really want smaller gov. they want bigger gov. in order to do their dirt. They make me insane.

I say again if they want all these children to be born then they should pony up their own cash to support these kids. If they are not willing to put their money where there mouths are then they should just let it go. They don't want to pay for services for these kids but they want to force people to have kids. They are insane.

They have some archaic ideas. If a woman pays for her own abortion it is her business not theirs. They aren't paying. These Puritans feel that a person should have the kid no matter what. It is not their call. And why are they even still focused on this instead of solving real problems. There are real problems to be solved in every state but year after year they spend tons of time on abortion.

NancyP said...

Thankful to be menopausal...

remember, anti-legalized-abortion and anti-gay also means anti-education, anti-science, anti-modernism

Missouri - 10 years behind Ohio, for GAWD'S sake.

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