Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UCSD Teach-In is today and the home training fail that inspired it...

So sorry for the delay in posting this, y'all!

As you may already know, a group of UCSD students executed a rare synchronized home training fail of massive proportions when they decided to post the following Facebook message to UCSD’s Greek Community “in honor of Black History Month.”

February marks a very important month in American society. No, i'm not referring to Valentines day or Presidents day. I'm talking about Black History month. As a time to celebrate and in hopes of showing respect, the Regents community cordially invites you to its very first Compton Cookout.
For guys: I expect all males to be rockin Jersey's, stuntin' up in ya White T (XXXL smallest size acceptable), anything FUBU, Ecko, Rockawear, High/low top Jordans or Dunks, Chains, Jorts, stunner shades, 59 50 hats, Tats, etc.
For girls: For those of you who are unfamiliar with ghetto chicks-Ghetto chicks usually have gold teeth, start fights and drama, and wear cheap clothes - they consider Baby Phat to be high class and expensive couture. They also have short, nappy hair, and usually wear cheap weave, usually in bad colors, such as purple or bright red.
They look and act similar to Shenaynay, and speak very loudly, while rolling their neck, and waving their finger in your face. Ghetto chicks have a very limited vocabulary, and attempt to make up for it, by forming new words, such as "constipulated", or simply cursing persistently, or using other types of vulgarities, and making noises, such as "hmmg!", or smacking their lips, and making other angry noises,grunts, and faces.
The objective is for all you lovely ladies to look, act, and essentially take on these "respectable" qualities throughout the day.
Several of the regents condos will be teaming up to house this monstrosity, so travel house to house and experience the various elements of life in the ghetto.
We will be serving 40's, Kegs of Natty, dat Purple Drank- which consists of sugar, water, and the color purple , chicken, coolade, and of course Watermelon. So come one and come all, make ya self before we break ya self, keep strapped, get yo shine on, and join us for a day party to be remembered- or not.

Pause...allow time for the full insult of that rancidity to settle in…continue.

UCSD’s Chancellor, Marye Anne Fox, has invited students, staff and faculty to participate in a teach-in TODAY from noon to 2 p.m. in the Price Center East Ballroom to “explore how such incidents continue to occur today and to discuss the importance of mutual respect and civility on our campus.”

My take on this shit?

The home training fail may be a shameful reminder of just how not post- racial American society is…but I think holding a teach-in to address that mess is a fantabulous way to honor black history.

A bitch hopes that the students who need to be there show up, listen and share…

…because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.



Dread Val said...

First of all, happy belated birthday! Hope your cold's getting better, too!

This morning I caught the apology post in both my news feed and email (I work at UCLA), but it wasn't real clear from the excerpt what was being apologized for. Your post was next up in the news feed, and it all became clear…

The home training fail wasn't just at UCSD -- looks like UCI didn't exactly cover itself in glory, either. Here's the latest from the UC site. Not a peep of either mess made it up to the staff here in LA.

UCSD went and threw itself promptly on its sword, making a whole website about how sorry they are. Blah.

Blue said...

Ah, I remember the pre-Reagan days when CA schools were the envy of all.

Home fail to be sure but education fail as well. It may seem unrelated but I've always thought if we had better science education, specifically, evolution, we'd have educated this nonsense out of most people by now.

Because one of the main things that would become obvious to students would be the importance of diversity/variation ... without it, we'd be nowhere.

Rileysdtr said...

Well, since we're not discussing Olympic Hockey (and WHY are we not discussing Olympic Hockey, again?) I will play devil's advocate and state the advert - pungent as it is - is a regretably fair representation of the concept of "Ghetto."

(pause while the audience lights its torches)

Not "Black" - "Ghetto."

Having grown up at the edge of one and lived/worked in others, I know of which I speak. I have never had the joy of touring Compton (although apparently one can pay $65 these days for the pleasure), but if it's anything like the South Side of Chicago - or the Whole Side of Detroit - I'll bet good money that the only urban wear differential is summed up in more LA Dodgers caps and fewer White Sox or Tigers ones.

Does the cast of the Jersey Shore represent all New Jersians? Of course not, but millions of Americans can now accurately describe the sartorial choices of self-proclaimed Guidos and Guidettes (which should be Guidas as Italian directly follows Latin in its declensions, but I have my doubts as to the scholarship of anyone on that program.)

Is it offensive? Yes, but then, so is a child named "Placenta" (thank God at least a girl) or any rap video on BET. Or the crowd at Chicago's South Side Parade. Pick your stereotype.

Anonymous said...

The students who put this together should be so disappointed in themselves. But the fact is they have voiced how many, many people see black people and believe they all live in ghettos. They can not see any good that blacks have brought to this nation and this is a failure in education.

This is very sad. It shows how far America still has to go. The stereotypes persist. As long as they are there it makes life very difficult for black people in general. The music industry, movies, and the media have placed some people who live and act in the ways they have described in front of our faces, it is the only view we get of black people and therefore, it is how others see them.

This is such a teachable moment and not just for those students. The question must be asked why they think in this way, and why they thought this was an okay thing to do.

Unknown said...

You are wise beyond your years Shark Fu. Thanks for holding the assholes feet to the fire.

Btw..SD is my hometown, I go down there about once a month to see family. There is no excuse for the racial fuckery being perpetuated by the ignorant.

Unknown said...

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Kelley said...

I'm seriously shocked and dismayed at the level of ignorance and outright stupidity that it took to post this shit. How the hell anyone could think this dreck is either appropriate or funny is completely beyond me.

Seriously, Shark-Fu, I'm thinking you'll have to come up with an all new name for this all new level of rancidity/stupidity cause this shit is beyond home-training fail.

I look forward to your continued verbal/printed eviserations of the stupid.

mark brooks said...

Why don't they just bring the culprits out to the campus flag pole at high noon, pull their pants down and paddle their asses? It's called negative reinforcement. Much more instructive and obviously something they missed out on as children.

carlisle iowa

Montana said...

You real can’t take these uneducated UCSD white trailer trash anywhere. This is what happens when more than one of these guys puts their minds together.

Oh, where exactly was a speech going on? Thats right, no where, but keep plucking that chicken.

Or as carri said "It’s a plot by the fundamentalist rightwing party of tyranny called Republicans. They foment hate, they sneer, they make excuses for their behavior and blame everyone else. They advocate the supremacy of their America – a lily-white America. They are scared and frightened becuase (gasp) a black man has been elected to the White House. They are losing conrol and like cornered animals, they are lashing out. This is the national leadership from whom these studants take their cues."

Anonymous said...

Chickens coming home to roost, my friends.

You can't loudly insist on being aggressively ignorant for decades, demanding special privileges, and basically acting like violent fools for a generation, and not expect to get mocked.

Now we'll just mock you more secretly.

How you like them chickens?

Shark-Fu said...

Ah, an Anonymous bigot!

Why oh why are they always anonymous?


How's this?

You, Anonymous, can't insist on being wildly ignorant for decades...defiantly embrace your bigotry in the face of social justice and change...make inaccurate absolute statements about an incredibly diverse group of people you obviously know nothing about...and then throw a party that violates the basic expectations of your don't get to behave like peevish spoiled children then demand the respect given to adults.


Now get thee gone, nameless knave!

NancyP said...

The UCSD students may lack home training, but there is one useful item in the post - granted, a word verification algorithm could have done the same - "constipulation"

My definition: the condition of legislators who attach "poison pill" amendments to constructive bills in an attempt to prevent the bill's passage.

Rep. Stupak and his buddies have a severe case of constipulation. Shark-fu, it would be a kindness if you would relieve them by delivering a full case of your famous, patented Ass-Whup! to their doorsteps, along with a health care provider to administer said remedy.

How's THAT for "most off-topic comment"?

ThedaBara said...

Hey there, just wanted to let you know that things have escalated since the teach-in walk-out:

I'm so angry I'm actually shaking...

BenYitzhak said...

ThedaBar, someone also put a noose on the Warren Stone Teddy Bear.

I am, however, hoping some good comes of this:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous bigot, the problem with your assessment lies in the fact that while there are some blacks who act this way, there are also white who act "ghetto", and Hispanics. Every race has its ignorant, violent, loud, folks. To decide that it is only blacks who are like this is a huge myth created by bigots to justify their hatred.
If you actually looked around you would see blacks who are educated and never have or never will live in a ghetto. Open your eyes.

Shark-Fu said...

Dear Anonymous knave who has yet to realized who is in control here...

#1 - thou shalt not Anonymously mock or dismiss others in my comment area. 'Tis weak and pathetic and demonstrates a lack of courage I tend to reward by...wait for it...mocking.

#2 - if you're gonna mock and dismiss a news story, do so under your motherfuking name (see #1) and get that shit right. The noose incident has resulted in a confession and suspension - thus twasn't a hoax.


Between the public displays of bigotry and the defiant celebration of ignorance UCSD just made Bob Jones University look progressive.


You must be sooo proud.


Anonymous said...

"The noose incident has resulted in a confession and suspension - thus twasn't a hoax."

Yeah, somebody did it, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a hoax. The identity of the perpetrators isn't being released, so you can't really make that claim, can you.

I'm so tired of dealing with irrational people around these issues. I don't know if it's that anger clouds your logic or that you don't have logic in the first place. By logic, I mean Aristotelian logic and the systems that grew from it. But I know first hand that ethnic studies on campuses start their theoretical courses with the assertion that logic itself is racist.

Can you reason? Is it possible for you?

Shark-Fu said...

I find your continued presence here irrational and your argument fails to achieve Vulcan logic.

You aren't on parole (that I know of)...and Anonymously commenting on my blog posts is not a requirement of your release from jail.

I don't expect you to understand why what happened at UCSD is wrong...the fact that people don't get it is at the root of the problem.

I do expect you to understand that I find you tiresome...and I sincerely hope that the words "Get thee gone!" eventually make sense to you.

Christ, give me strength...

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