Monday, February 08, 2010

The day after the big game...

Hi y’all!

Okay, so this bitch caught the big game yesterday. It had everything – anticipation, two elite teams prepared to give it their all and a sold out crowd on hand to watch that shit!

And Lawd knows the actual game lived up to the hype…the intensity was out of this world and by the time the lead changed hands a bitch was on the edge of my seat!

Mmmhmm, that Caps v. Pens hockey game was all that and a bowl of grits!



Oh yeah, and congrats to the New Orleans Saints on that Super Bowl win (wink).

Moving forward…

A bitch did watch the Super Bowl commercials…I missed the infamous Focus on the Family ad because I was too busy focusing on frying up some catfish for my family.

But yeah, I caught most of the commercials and…well, um…one would think that they were created for a Cage Fighting championship rather than a football game that is watched by both women and men.

There were some good ads…but there was also a disturbing theme of emasculated men and the products that will save them.

Jezebel has a post up about it.

A bitch is curious –what the fuck, ad people?

I’m serious…a bitch is eager to know what research and analysis resulting in this year’s crop of man as victim ads.

***cue crickets***

Yeah….right….get back to me on that, why don’tcha.



Unknown said...

Hi..This is Ravi Padiyar from Ujjain, India...
nothing like a good bitching session..lets one let off some steam..

Island Tiffiney said...

the FotF wasn't nearly as offensive as it was cracked up to be. You can view the commercial on youtube at:

Unknown said...

The SuperBowl was a great game, and it did live up to the hype.

The ad's were weird this year, but I don't really watch them as I am too busy making something for someone to eat it seems.

Miss Trudy said...

I am from NOLA, so I was happy about the Super Bowl. I also have lots of friends in advertising (should I admit to this?), and you wouldn't believe the amount of research that goes into a lot of this marketing stuff. I am serious. And you know what? One thing is research, and another very different one is INTERPRETING the research. Which is where most go haywire and get it all wrong. Or else, give them their own ego-based twist. But then, most people just want to coast on heuristics and stereotypes, take the easy road, and go home. And that's how we get all these ... interesting ... commercials during the Super Bowl.

snobographer said...

Miss Trudy's right. In ad agencies, the media/market research department where they crunch the demographics is separate from the creative department, where they play foosball and pretend stereotypes are hilarious and original. The media department passes the research onto the creative department and then the creative department whips up some tired old shit about nagging wives and bumbling husbands. And then they get an award from AdAge for their groundbreaking work.

I missed the infamous Focus on the Family ad because I was too busy focusing on frying up some catfish for my family.

Yum! You're the greatest mom ever. It was surprisingly tame. But I read Gloria Alred busted her ass to make sure they kept the baby killing rhetoric to a dull roar.

Unknown said...

A lot of people are running scared these days. We LOVE to scapegoat in this country. ERGO, men's venue, men as victims, women as victimizers. I'm not complaining. They need to get their panties in a wad from time to time. ;)

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