Thursday, February 25, 2010

On an Olympic note, go Team USA Women’s Ice Hockey!

Update - Congrats Team Canada on that gold medal win! And congrats Team USA for staying in that game and winning silver!

A bitch has been in Olympic ice hockey heaven!

Team USA men’s ice hockey survived a tough game against the Swiss yesterday…and then I got to watch Team Canada redeem themselves (sort of, but not really...let's be real) by kicking some serious ass in their game against Russia.

Confession – I had a freakish dream last night that the entire Russian hockey team refused to accept their defeat at the hand of Team Canada awarded themselves platinum medals in a private ceremony and then crowned Ovechkin king of the known universe.



I'm blaming that one on vodka.


Anyhoo, a bitch wishes the women of Team USA hockey good luck as they take on Team Canada in the gold medal game today.

Many a sport commentator has fussed about the lack of depth on the women’s side…but women’s hockey has come a long way and will continue to grow in depth and skill.

The good thing is that women’s hockey players and fans around the world are about to see the best the game has to offer face off in the Olympics!


Three cheers for women’s ice hockey!


Miss Trudy said...

Cheers! :o)

LisaMJ said...

Everytime I hear about anything regarding Olympics hockey, I think of you. You must be in hockey heaven! Oh and happy belated birthday!

Gina Pond said...

Lack of depth, whut? Have these commentators seen the USA women's scores?! Most of them are like a billion goals to *0*!!!

These women kick some serious ass!

Rob F said...

I'm cheering for Canada!

Lori S. said...

More cheers!

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