Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic Hockey Heaven – Gold Medal Game Edition…

Canada scores - Sid the Kid wins the Gold for Team Canada!

Congrats to Team Canada on a great game.

And congrats to Team USA - you made us so proud!

At the end of the 3rd, Team USA scores and ties it up. 2-2 and now we go to overtime.





Another update, chil'ren!

USA scores! C-Money and this bitch are caught cheering Patrick Kane...freakish...but I'm claiming an Olympic exception.

Canada 2 USA 1...and this is one heck of a game!

Update at 3:12p - Team Canada scores again! 2-0 in the 2nd and the crowd is out of control. Team USA still in this, but we need to play our game.

Update at end of 1st period - still 1 - 0 Canada.

Great 1st period and we are still in this one!

Go Team USA!

Yay hockey!

Update at 2:35p - Canada scores! 1 - 0 in the 1st.

Are you ready to rumble?

Hell YES!

Team USA v Team Canada…the battle begins.

Team USA, with two of my beloved St. Louis Blues hockey players in the line-up, is ready and able.

Go Backes!

Go EJ!

Team Canada, with an impressive all-star line up of hockey gods, has tons of pressure and national pride on the line.

Add all that together with a splash of Don Cherry talking shit and you’ve got absolute hockey bliss!


Let the game begin!


Miss Trudy said...

I am not even watching the games, but I get such a kick out of your enthusiastic coverage! :o)

ChrisR said...

During the women's gold medal game, the U.S. was down 2-0 and on a power play. I emailed my brother, "Gotta score here." He replied that it was 3-1 in his house. Now I know who my sister-in-law, a native Canadian who played hockey at Cornell, was rooting for, but I really hope my niece and nephew were out and my sister-in-law was entertaining two visitors from home.

I eat up the winter Olympics. I find the biathlon totally absorbing. Whoever came up with the penalty lap for a missed shot is brilliant. I wince along with every biathlete when they miss.

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