Friday, February 05, 2010

By request, Cynthia Davis’ latest verbal malfunction…

A certain Tamara from Rolla has asked a bitch for my thoughts on Missouri State Rep. Cynthia Davis’ latest verbal malfunction.

I assume you are referring to her thoughts on the nutritional habits of black people that she was kind enough to share with a woman of color testifying during a recent House Health Care Policy Committee meeting.

That meeting where she referred to “your people” and “your community” while addressing the witness, right?


Fired Up Missouri reports that Davis, well known for her opinion that hunger is a positive motivator for children, said something close to, "We should revamp the food stamp program so people who get food stamps can't buy junk food like potato chips and chocolate milk"...while she was eating potato chips herself.


Tamara from Rolla, what can a bitch say to that shit?

Cynthia Davis averages a verbal malfunction a week while the Missouri legislature is in session.

That’s what she does.

I’ve decided that her continued platform as a Rep. who apparently wants to be a State Senator says more about those who vote for her than the woman herself.

Clearly a majority of her constituents want Cynthia Davis to average a verbal malfunction a week during session.

I can’t figure out why they want that shit…but I get the message.


Chocolate milk and potato chips?

Lawd, have mercy…


Anonymous said...

That's about the same level as South Carolina's lieutenant governor Andre Bauer, who likes to use the analogy of "feeding stray animals makes them breed" when advocating the restriction of free lunch for parents who don't attend parent-teacher conferences.

Sadly, you're right, such blatantly ridiculous points of view are representative of part of their constituencies...for everybody saying, "Bauer / Davis / Whoever is a damn fool", there's anotherbody saying "Bauer / Davis / Whoever is right on!"

Mercy indeed.

Fileysdtr said...

Hey Little Sister, can I borrow your soap box for a related topic? Today all 24-hour Walgreens across the country (not all stores, just the 24-hour stores) will offer free blood glucose screenings from 11 am to 7 pm. Pass the word.

This is NOT one of those urban myths; I work for the company. Here's the press release from one of our executives:

"I wanted to alert all our team members across the company to an exciting program we’re kicking off tomorrow with one of the most powerful voices in television to promote awareness of diabetes. The Oprah Winfrey Show, airing tomorrow, Feb. 4, has dedicated its entire hour to Type 2 diabetes. At the end of the show, Oprah will announce that all 24-hour Walgreens and all Take Care Clinics will offer free blood glucose testing this Friday, Feb. 5, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., to determine if people are at risk for diabetes. Combined, this includes more than 1,700 points of care.

In addition, from Feb. 6-18, select Walgreens stores in thousands of communities nationwide will be holding free testing events in an effort to heighten diabetes awareness. Take Care Clinics are offering free blood glucose testing throughout the month of February.

With the number of diabetes cases nationwide increasing 90 percent over the past decade, diabetes has become the fastest-growing disease in the United States. In fact, it’s estimated more than 6 million Americans are unaware that they are currently living with diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association."

If you live in the U.S. there's a Walgreens somewhere nearby. Folks can go online at or call 1-800-WALGREENS to find the nearest 24-hour store. I don't usually put on my "Corporate America" hat but this is a huge health issue, it affects everybody (but especially the AA and Latino communities), and it's FREE.

Plus you can pick up some chocolate milk and potato chips after...

Unknown said...

Racism is alive and well evidently with ignorant white folks coming out of the woodwork to open their pieholes and remove any doubt that they are idiots of the highest degree.

Down right fucking pathetic.

IseultTheIdle said...

I'm just marveling at her castigation of (her perception of) food stamp recipients' junk-laden diets coupled with her advice to teenagers to work at McDonald's because they'll feed you during your shift.

Little bit of a disconnect there.

Jaelithe said...

I swear, this woman makes me want to move over the river and through the woods just so I can run against her.

If I say much more about how angry she makes me, I'll say too much.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems is that these people have bought the the myth that all poor people are black. So they think they can say stuff like this and it only includes blacks. Well I am here to tell them that there are a lot of poor white people in this nation.

These folks are also supposed to be Christians. Jesus said whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me.
They need to here this.

Yes, there are trifling poor folk( ask anyone taken in by Bernie Madoff and they will tell you there are trifling rich people as well. Most poor people are really hard working and need some help because wages are too low.

Which is policy legislators put down to keep people poor. So if you vote for policy to keep people poor then you shouldn't turn around and ask people why they are poor. A great deal of poverty problems link right back to the "minimum" wage issue. If the gov would stop being so pro business and become more pro people and do the right thing then we could move forward on this issue.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

Um, is Ms. Davis differently abled? Because the only excuse I can think of for that shit is a head injury.

Cereal said...

A local organization recently hosted an advocacy event related to improving school lunch. Here were the comments on the media coverage, in this supposedly 'progressive' town:
Until people grow up, get over their Ayn Rand fixation, and realize that not a single one of us is prosperous as the sole result of our own bootstrap-pulling (not to mention that kids don't deserve to go hungry for any reason, but that's another story), you'll continue to have this level of retrograde Reagan-era commentary going on in even the 'progressive' places..

Shark-Fu said...

Speaking as someone who has spent my life with differently abled, Davis doesn't fit due to her complete lack of compassion, respect for human dignity or grasp of empathy.

I used to say she was mental, but I've come to realize that is insulting to people with mental disabilities.

Davis calls for a new diagnosis - mayhap, Bigotitus Ranciditus Foolocity Fantastica?

Unknown said...

gosh, how about a white sugar powdered donut and white milk with a spinach salad,....yummy. what's that mammal eatin?

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