Thursday, October 15, 2009

By request – A correction…

It’s been a long time since this bitch has indulged in a dream-based correction. Hell, a lot of you have no fucking idea what I’m talking about! Longtime readers know that this bitch has vivid dreams that I try to write down the second I wake up…some of these dreams result from hearing about trifling bullshit and are a bitch’s mental response to my natural urge to deal out some correction-based whoop ass. These dreams are just dreams and in no way reflect what a bitch would ever actually do while awake…’cause I’m mostly non-violent now (wink).


Anyhoo, I did not dream about a correction last night.

Pause…wait for sounds of disappointment to quiet…continue.

But that does not mean that a bitch can’t indulge in some wakeful correction-based realness!

Shall we?

Yesterday I read this post at Joe. My. God. about an Illinois teacher who has allegedly lost his motherfucking mind. Dave Burk is alleged to have told his students..

"How would you feel about your tax dollars going to pay some black fag in New York to take pictures of other black fags?"

Burk was ranting about the National Endowment of the Arts.

Jordan Hunter, an openly gay student at the school and yet another example that our youth are amazing, is leading calls for Burk’s termination.

Burk, through an attorney, is claiming that he never intended to offend anyone even though his attorney carefully phrased his remarks so as to not admit that anything was said that would offend.

Motherfucker please!

You know damn well that shit is offensive. A bitch would looooooove to hear which part of “black fags” you reject most – the black, the fag or the combo?


If I were the Ruler of the Known Universe one of my first acts would be to declare bullshit apologies illegal.

Sometimes "sorry" don’t cut it.

As a matter of fact, "sorry" pisses me off!

Yeah, that’s right…that apology is just another offense.

And the chorus asked… “Why bitch?!?”

And a bitch replied… Because the only thing worse than some ig’nant hate-filled wouldn’t know a Mapplethorpe if his life depended on it motherfucker whose salary is paid for by a lot of LGBT or black or LGBT & black at the same time tax payers insulting and verbally harassing youth is that same ig’nant motherfucker denying that he got off while doing it.

I’m sorry and I didn’t realize that tossing gobs of shit at the students would offend some of them! does not pass the smell test.

I’ll repeat…motherfucker please.

Saying that shit made his sorry ass happy as hell. It gave him a “moment”…a flash of power to give vent to his rage and disappointment over the reality that being a straight white man in America isn’t paying off the way his Momma always told him it would…

…when she should have been taking care of the home training he so clearly lacks.

A bitch thinks Jordan Hunter had the best response … "If he wants to talk about a poor place to put our tax dollars, I think his salary is a poor place to put our tax dollars."



Sparky said...

He didn't know it was offensive? Please. In what possible universe could he NOT know it was offensive? Even if you remove the vile hate words it's STILL offensive to imply that black and gay people are less worthy of funds than white and straight people. Add in the utterly disgusting hate speech and... yeah

No-one's that ignorant. There's no excuse to be that ignorant. There's no POSSIBILITY ANYONE can be that ignorant.

And sorry? Please again. Sorry implies some level of regret - he did this multiple times. His apology means nothing

He diodn't mean to offend anyone? What, did he think all his students were white straight bigots like him who didn't give a damn?! Because that's the ONLY way he could think he wouldn't offend anyone

And a last PLEASE! to the school. That decided the appropriate action here was to... give him a warning. Oh. yeah. Nice message sent there.

Anonymous said...

Is a Bitch gay? Not that I'm questioning your choice of topic - (amen to that) just curious.

Memnet said...

"Motherfucker please!" indeed. Damn, I think my head just exploded. That lying sack of shit knows what he said was offensive. What a fuckshit.

NativeNYker said...

Goddamn-it if you shouldn't be a screen writer for your own show! Cuz bitch you are on fire.

And this commentary is inspired!

Rants, Thoughts & Merde

Redneck Liberal said...

i sometimes wonder if people do this shit on purpose. You know, humdrum job, crappy salary, worrying about job security... hey, why don't I say something incredibly dumb and offensive and be adopted as a mascot by the wingnuts when all the 'liberal' media start criticizing on me? Maybe I'll be the next Joe The Plumber... book deals, TV interview, lecture tours... maybe a shot at the VP gig. now we're talking!

Rileysdtr said...

(If Little Sister is gay the lesbians of Chicago will scatter your way North with rose petals.... but I digress)

A moment, please, and put down the torches and pitchforks.

First of all, the contract dictates under what circumstances a teacher may be terminated. I am not familiar with that school district, but you can't just fire a teacher for saying something "incendiary." These same protections work for teachers in conservative districts who wish to discuss feminism, gay rights, evolution.... and so on.

This is an experienced, tenured teacher with 20 years in the school system who - for reasons that could range from a brain tumor to his previous carefully held views to simply trying to shock his students awake - said something really, really stupid. It was offensive. He has apologized. He has hereby duly been corrected.


Anonymous said...

Ms.ABB: I love you. And yeah the whole I'm Sorry is more like I'm sorry I got called out/caught/live in such a oppresive P.C. society.
Fuck him.

KBO said...

Unfortunately, people are that ig'nant. You'd be surprised what kind of foolishness actually makes it into the classroom. The mind, it boggles.

That being said, fuck that dude. When people claim reverse racism or other such non-existent bullshit that people who deny white/straight privilege cling to, I need only point them to actions by douchebags such as this. The gall of this numbnut.

Anonymous said...

Ya know Shark....

I just love ya!


Stella said...

As far as I'm concerned, the only response to "I'm sorry" is "what for?" This forces the penitent to first say that s/he was wrong before s/he gets around to saying that you were wrong. If an apology implies that someone other than the apologizer is wrong, then it is pure horseshit.
Never accept that!

IseultTheIdle said...

Re: infuriatingly glib "apologies" - recommended reading:

AOB said...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? aka WTF? or What the Fuck???

How can we even begin to identify the filth of the mind that put together those words that came out of his mouth? That is about the most horrid statement I have ever read.

Apology my ass, he's just trying to keep his job...knowing his next job is the unemployment line. I sure as hell would not want him at my company or teaching my grandchildren.

PPR_Scribe said...

*Heavy sigh*

I recently on my blog posted about the time my junior high school teacher of English used the n-word in class. One of the commenters said something like she would not be surprised if the incident had happened last decade or last month. Now, my event happened in the mid-70s. But ish like this story here just shows that the racist, sexist, homophobic and otherwise generally ignorant and offensive can still find work in our classrooms.

What an insult to all the teachers who are different and striving for true excellence that this man will likely still get to teach. (Unless he is "forced" to retire. Then he will probably claim--and receive--some sort of pain and suffering or disability compensation...)

Anonymous said...

Can anyone find the most racist comment in the article?

I'll give you a hint. The viciously racist author wrote it.

What exactly are you talking about when you say that "This isn't the white privilege he was taught about at home?"

I am completely done with you people. You are utterly racist, it has poisoned your kind entirely, and there is no hope. Just remember you make up only 12% of the population, and we are now on the second generation of white people who feel not the slightest amount of guilt, pity, or empathy for you filthy racists.

Shark-Fu said...

Jesus Anonymous, you just fucking floored me!

Please tell me you don't actually believe that only black people found that ig'nant shit racist or gay people found that shit homophobic!

C'mon now, son.

The only person worthy of pity right now is you...

'Drea said...

Ntozake Shange said it best in For Colored Girls:

next time
you should admit
you're mean/low-down/triflin/& no count straigt
steada being sorry alla the time
enjoy bein yrself

Anonymous said...

That last anonymous comment is so strange. What is the point? I mean really? How can those statements not be offensive? This teacher brought this upon himself. Now somehow there are those who are trying to make him into some kind of victim. He has some real issues. Someone who can spew hate like that should not be teaching. Part of teaching is to decrease ignorance.
And what is the point of blacks only being 12% of the population. Does this mean you only get human right if you are more than that? If that is the case then if we look at the world population anonymous and his white buddies are the minorities. Does that mean we should be hateful towards them?
WAKE UP Anonymous!!!

L. Jackson said...

And the s....goes on, big sigh, will it never end in my lifetime???
Think the kid showed more sense than many adults...wtg kid! Anonymous, u 2 ignorant to fool with...steppin away from his brand of race big time.

Shark-Fu said...

And to the first Anonymous...yes, a bitch is family.

To Rileysdtr...a bitch just adores rose petals!

Assrot said...

"How would you feel about your tax dollars going to pay some black fag in New York to take pictures of other black fags?"

Well, I am not gay and even I find this offensive. I'd call for this so called teacher to be fired too.

Some folks just can't wrap their warped mind around "Live and let live." My personal opinion is the asshole needs to be dragged out in the woods and shot but I have always tried to live by MLK's example of peaceful resistance and protest.

Still, some things make my blood boil and when it comes to peaceful resistance and protest, I am not the man that MLK was.

If one of my kid's or grankids came home and told me a teacher told them some shit like this, I'd have to at least go open a can of good old Georgia whup ass on him.


snobographer said...

"Please tell me you don't actually believe that only black people found that ig'nant shit racist or gay people found that shit homophobic!"

I'm white and heterosexual and I found that shit racist, homophobic, and offensive.
I'm also up to here with whiny-ass white people whining that they're the real victims of racism. You're right, shark-fu, that teacher did get off on asserting his privilege saying what he did.

Valkyrie607 said...

Over and over again, some jerk with a taxpayer salary says some damn offensive shit.

And over and over again, we hear them say, "Gosh, I didn't realize that I was being offensive."

What does it take to remain that ignorant in these times? I mean really. We have to wrap our heads around the fact this lack of knowledge can only result in a deliberate attempt to ignore the experiences of people of different colors/sexual preferences/genders. Unless, of course, you were raised by wolves. Then I suppose you can have a pass. I guess what I'm saying is: ignorance is not excuse for racism. Ignorance is an integral part of white privilege. Yeah, I said it: white privilege. I haz it.

It takes a tiny bit of work to become sensitive enough to racism and its tensions that one doesn't sound like a racist goon. A tiny, tiny amount of work. Anyone who can't take the time to wonder, "Gee, ya think any gay people or people of color might be offended by these words" is simply racist. Not because they consciously hate those folks, but because they're just damned invisible to them. The moment they pop out of invisibility, though, it's a whole nother game.

Anyway. Ranting a bit. I hadn't heard about this story, and was just getting over the story about the JOP in Louisiana who's so concerned about the rough time interracial kids have, he wants to prevent them from existing.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Here is the thing: I would be willing to believe that he did not think any of the students would be offended because in my experience white dudes tend to think that they are preaching to the choir when they are in fact not. Some of them have been making so many people too goddamn offended and uncomfortable to speak for so goddamn long that they have no idea it's not just that everyone they talk to agrees with their bullshit.

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