Thursday, October 29, 2009


A bitch is over-fucking-whelmed.

Normally I’d turn to a bitchfirmation, but my stress is too far-gone for that!

Mmmhmm, I need to vent.

Indulge me.

Longtime readers know that a bitch’s older brother is autistic. My sister and I are co-guardians and, as such, we are charged with monitoring the folks who monitor his everything.

So, I spent the last several months trudging through the waist high mud that is the system. Funding and programs and spend downs and waivers and authorizations and blah followed by blah followed by the realization that a bitch should limit my exposure to the language of social services lest I overdose.


My brother’s Person Centered Plan was completed on time…gasp…and I was really hopeful that I had finally gotten a handle on what’s what regarding funding so we could see what we could do about saving some cash for the inevitable drama of life and maybe funding some extras that aren’t really extras but are viewed as extras by The Man.

Then news came that Governor Nixon was “revisiting” the Missouri state budget…followed by rumors over how much he was going to “slash” and from where….and ending in the announcement yesterday that Missouri is cutting more money from the already emaciated Department of Mental Health and tons of other emaciated social programs.

‘Tis likely that no new requests will get funding.

This bitch is surprised some of these departments can survive on less that 50 calories a day.


Shit, damnit…and fuck a motherfucking duck!

It’s not that I spent a lot of time on this shit that’s got me upset. I’m an activist involved in politics…I regularly spend lots of time on shit that goes nowhere.

It’s that now I know what my brother could have had…should have…and now I’ve got to get about the bitness of some out of the box thinking to try to make that shit possible another way.

And I’m tired…very, very tired.


If society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members…

…we should have been kicked off the island years ago.




***logs off to get busy solving problems***


Leota2 said...

Too right we should judge a society by how it treats its young, old and vulnerable.

It's fucked up that so many Americans have no problem with our system of governance when it's offloading billions of dollars to the military to destroy a country or feed whatever corrupt ass monster who needs a payoff.

But when it comes down to the truly needy in this country . . . . I have cried at night at the injustices.


L. Jackson said...

Will Durant said "education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance". I think he forgot about the frustration of learning what u need to survive & the headaches it causes as u go thru the maze?? Hugs & good luck Shark!

tata said...

I'm not sure it'd be much help but I could snailmail you an Almond Joy.

spatter said...

Bitch said,

"It’s not that I spent a lot of time on this shit that’s got me upset. I’m an activist involved in politics…I regularly spend lots of time on shit that goes nowhere."

As a woman who's also involved in politics, you hit the nail on the head. You are one funny bitch! *too much?*

In all seriousness, I wish you the best of luck in your search for funding. I have a schizophrenic brother so I understand ur struggle. These are indeed tough times, good that ur blog allows u a space to vent.


James said...

This is why I cannot understand the hysteria surrounding "socialised" medicine.In Britain,which is far less affluent than the US,you would have 24 hour access to social and medical assistance without having to break the bank or purchasing costly insurance premiums.

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