Friday, October 30, 2009

While the faithful blush…

Let’s jump right on in!

Full disclosure – a bitch is not Catholic. I’m not even a former Catholic. So, outraged Catholic Anonymouses can just skip the bullshit about how I need to say five Hail Mary’s and then blah blah and blah. I was raised Baptist…we don’t roll that way.


A bitch stumbled on an article published on the anti-choice anti-knowledge freakishly inaccurate website (wince…yes, I know…but if a bitch can’t suffer a fright the day before Halloween something is wrong with the world). The article’s title, Abp. Dolan: American Catholic Leadership against Abortion Redeems Laxity against Slavery, caused chills to run up and down my spine.

Oh no!

Oh HELL no!

Please tell me these motherfuckers aren’t going to go there…like they keep going there over the Holocaust.

And the choir said… “But Shark-Fu, you know these antis can be trifling!”

And a bitch responded… “True, true…sad and true.”

I read on.

And damn it all to hell if New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan didn’t write the article in Catholic New York Online citing the Constitution’s prior acceptance of slavery as one reason to dismiss the constitutionality of abortion rights.

Knowing that when the Catholic Church brings up slavery they are bringing up something they ignored, in many cases supported, advocated for in certain situations and damn sure profited from….cough…Dolan made sure to acknowledge that in his own special insulting as hell way. quotes Abp. Dolan…

"Our faces blush with shame as we Catholics admit we did so little to end slavery," … "but we can smile and thank God that the Church has indeed been prophetic, courageous and counter cultural in the right to life movement."

Pause…allow to marinate…continue.

Dolan went on to emphasize…

"The most pressing life issue today is abortion," … "If we're wrong on that one, we're just plain wrong."


Just in case no one bothered, allow a bitch to confirm that you are indeed the very definition of wrong.

“Our faces blush”


Glad to know Abp. Dolan’s response to his church’s history on slavery is the same as it would be if he were to emit a fierce stankified loud as hell fart in the middle of mass.

Lawd, have mercy!

Yeah, yeah, yeah… "two wrongs don’t make a right" jumped up into my head on this one too.

But my mind kept circling back to the premise of Dolan’s argument that the Catholic church fucked up it’s response to slavery but will redeem itself through it’s work against reproductive freedom…and my Afro began to throb and pulse in pain…not just because I’ve HAD IT with antis making slavery and Holocaust analogies, but because…well, the truth is…



As a matter of fact, states with large port cities…for example, New York…play a key role in modern slavery.

I even found several articles featuring Catholic efforts to address the issue of modern slavery…so Abp. Dolan could even get ‘bout the bitness of leading by example on this abomination from within the church…

…instead of repeating past sins while praising the faithful for working to create a world where the wages of not being a "good Catholic" are disease, struggle and death.

But that would be too much like right.





Rileysdtr said...

He is definitely not a Jesuit - would have gotten laughed out of the club with the speciousness of that argument. I am tempted to offer five Hail Marys toward his enlightenment.

This on the heels of Pope Benedict's cherry-picking of the disgruntled of the Anglican Church (which nearly had me drive right into a pole when I heard that one on NPR) is upsetting to say the least. Abortion is the biggest challenge facing the world today? Dude. I grant it is of significant importance, but.... dude.

Leota2 said...

I'll raise your" Oh HELLl no!" with a "Ah Hell, Mutha, No!"

Unknown said...

The really sad fucking thing is that the Catholic Church should be ASHAMED to call themselves a "right to life" movement considering their stance on condoms. When you have the fucking POPE stand up and address entire nations in Africa that are full of the AIDS epidemic (and please note that Africa has the fastest growing Catholic population in the world) and tell them all that CONDOMS SPREAD HIV, you lose all ability to call yourselves a "right to life movement". If it's more important to spread LIES that WILL KILL PEOPLE, than speak truths that will help save them, you're not a fucking "right to life" movement.

Courtney L. said...

I just found your blog--wandered over from the cross-post on Shakesville. May I just say that you are made of AWESOME? I've only read a few of your previous posts, but my next stop is subscribing to your RSS feed.

Unknown said...

I just found your site from You're now on my favorites bar :o)
I absolutely agree with you on this point and as I sit here reading a book for my Human Sexuality & Christianity class (instructed by an ex-priest of all people), I'm able to smile at the fact that someone else out there thinks this man, and some in his group, are complete idiots!
I'm forwarding your site to my friends here in Houston...I know they'll love it as much as I already do!

NativeNYker said...

Girl, as a non-practicing catholic i can clearly tell you that indeed he intends on working the 'we ain't do rite on enslavement past, but we is do rite on abortion' bullshit.

That's the church rite there - in a nut shell. Find an ignorance and capitalize on it for the bible was never meant to be translated for those who didn't read Latin!

Rants, Thoughts & Merde

Cereal said...

I appreciate your compelling writing on this issue.

For evidence that not all of us are in agreement with this line of thinking, may I direct your readers to the essays of one Frances Kissling, who does the history of progressive Catholic thought (yes, there is such a thing), and its view of individual conscience and free will proud.

Anonymous said...

As a recovering Catholic who spent twelve years in Catholic schools I can honestly say I’m not surprised about Dolan’s remarks. I feel that the Catholic Church is a greedy misogynistic institution.

Redneck Liberal said...

The Vatican Mafia are worse than the regular Mafia. Let's see...

1. Only 5% of priests are pedophiles according to the Vatican so it's all OK

2. They're campaigning against healthcare reform because of 'public funding for abortion' (which is explicitly banned in the bill but they don't give a f***)

3. They're ramping up AIDS all over the world by banning rubbers

4. The freaking Pope was in the Hitler Youth

Apart from that, oh and the Inquisition, they're all good people.

Shark-Fu said...

And yet some of the most amazing activists I know are Catholic. It gives me hope that one day progressive Catholics will succeed in guiding the Church toward the light and away from the dark side.


Valkyrie607 said...

Yah, I have heard this comparison made before... mostly when anti-choice types are trying to dismiss the "It's legal" argument.

Sure, legality does not always equate to morality. And it's true that slavery was once legal, and was no more moral when it was legal than it is now, when it's illegal.

But really. You want to compare the oppression of black folks to the oppression of fetuses? I have heard them do this to, and it always takes my breath away because, you know--black people are fully formed human beings. They don't live inside other people's bodies. Black people are not fetuses.

I don't think they really perceive how offensive that is.

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