Monday, June 29, 2009

Pondering the importance of last wills and testaments…

A bitch is still trying to recover from viewing the BET Awards Show last night.

I must confess that it’s been some 15 years since I last watched an entire show on BET and, after last night, I’m pretty damn sure I won’t be watching the network again. I’d heard stories about the nature of the content but…well, daaaaaaaaamn.

The BET Awards Show, promoted heavily on CNN as a revamped tribute to Michael Jackson, was a mess sparingly accented by old school performances that highlighted just what a mess the rest of the show was.

Catch that knee…catch it!

I know that a few of y’all (okay one person who sent me a "don't be so mean!" email) thought a bitch was trashing on the BET Awards Show in my tweets…

…and you’re right.

This bitch trashed the BET Awards Show via Twitter last night.

I happen to have pretty low expectations of what any awards show is going to be like and BET didn’t even meet those.

The tone was wrong…it felt like the show was on a three-day meth bender but trying to act straight.

Jamie Foxx was a self-promoting and at times desperate fool…and a bitch couldn’t help but think that, for all his faults and flaws, Michael Jackson was a fantabulous performer who would have been appalled by that shit.

And the constant praise for Joe Jackson, who was in attendance, was beyond disturbing given Michael Jackson’s public statements about the man (more on that in a moment).

I was critical of that shit because I know we can do better…Michael Jackson deserved better…and this bitch was so disturbed by that show that I had to watch Eyes on the Prize – Awakenings to cleanse my soul.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Now, about Joe Jackson.

Joe Jackson, father of the Jackson clan, was at the BET Awards Show last night with Al Sharpton.

Joe sat in the front row and received tribute much like a king would from his people. This morning it is being reported that Joe Jackson has moved to take control of Michael Jackson’s estate…

…and both of Michael Jackson’s parents apparently have his children and are seeking custody.

Although there are reports of at least two wills none have been located…and Joe Jackson is clearly banking on none ever being found.

If ever there is a case through which people should take notice that they need to make their final wishes know…write a will, file it legally and make sure people know where it is…this is that case.

All I know of Joe Jackson I know from what his children shared in interviews throughout the years…and it wasn't all happiness, joy, affection and love.

Jesse Jackson (no relation, though someone may want to tell him that) and Al Sharpton vying for camera position next to Joe Jackson does little to legitimize his claim as protector of son’s estate.

As a person who is estranged from my mother, I am horrified watching this spectacle…

…and I’m reminded of the importance of last wills and testaments in a world where fathers and mothers are too often assumed to be in good standing and are legally empowered, absent a will to say otherwise, as next of kin to do anything they damn well please.



Rileysdtr said...

Two thoughts.

1. In watching ABC's tossed-together hour-long special Friday night, I was reminded that (for all his tragic flaws) Michael Jackson was an electrifying performer. The best way I can phrase it is "up yours, Britney!" (or choose your pop star du moment). He sang wonderfully. He danced magically. He worked the stage like a revival preacher. And he did it all LIVE. No redubs, no voice enhancers, no lip sync..... live. The Motown 25 concert was a nice staid nostalgic trip until he lit the stage. His was an unique talent, and it will never pass this way again.

2. And now his bones will be picked clean by his father. Sigh. He didn't get away after all, did he?

GailS said...

Thanks for the report, Sharkfu. Sounds like the same old-same old from BET and Joe Jackson. Pity.

Naturally Alise said...

The show saddened me deeply, I was mortified. It was bad even in the context of BET... The show felt insincere and was a hot sloppy mess. MJ will be doing spin moves in his grave on this one... le sigh...

And Joe Jackson is going to milk this for everything he can get, so sad, so tragic, and so typical.

J said...

I didn't watch, and felt a bit guilty for that. Now I'm glad.

Seems like the mother of the older two kids should have rights here, right? If I were her, I would fight pretty hard to keep the kids away from Joe. Not sure if she's interested in them, but I assume she is. As for the youngest, yeah, confusing. I hope they can find a will.

Anonymous said...


It's got to be awful to watch when it's a reflection of effed-up relationships in your own family.

I can not believe abusers like Joe Jackson are canonized this way. If MJ's own complaints of abuse aren't taken seriously and he had the size and scope of the megaphone he had - who on earth would we expect to be believed?


Anonymous said...


It's showbiz, Jake. Stay away.

Unknown said...

Joe Jackson is a bag of batshit, who is attempting to control his son's assets in death..because he couldn't whilst Michael was alive. Damn pathetic..and hopefully most people see through him.

His children are what I think about most. They lived in a bubble, and that bubble burst Thursday afternoon.

May Jackson rest in peace and hopefully his children will be raised by a caring individual who doesn't put profit ahead of them.

Assrot said...

I'm horrified everytime I see Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton show up for anything. I think these two guys have made more money from and done more harm to their own people than most of the old plantation slave owners of the south.

As for Joe Jackson, he doesn't give a damn about those kids. He just sees dollar signs.

It's a shame. I hope with all my heart that someone in the family with good sense and the childen's well being in mind gets them.


Nat said...

"…it felt like the show was on a three-day meth bender but trying to act straight."

Can borrow that some day? Brilliant.

I am honestly appalled after all that has been said/written about Joe that he has any sort of credibility left at all. (Ditto Jesse and Al Sharpton... if they had any sort of sense they get the fuck away from this debacle.)

I hope those kids have some sort of normalcy... are there any relatively "normal" siblings out there?

BrotherGee said...

Assrot, Re: "done more harm to their own people",

...there are no "own people". This is the Separatist mindset that Humans have been trained to utilize Life after Life after Life. There are no "own people". There is only "one people"...the Human Race. Beings with Souls, Hearts, Emotions and shared Biological traits who happen to be different shades because that's what Creator allowed for us.

You are part of something much larger than "a color". Ponder that, and then see if you change your outlook.

Hate to quote a Michael Jackson song, but a lyric fragment from "Black & White" eloquently states that

"I'm not going to spend my Life being a Color".

Neither should we.

All Love,

~~ G

Miss Trudy said...

Oh God. I'm sure MJ will turn in his grave at his parents' taking custody of his children. Personally I think that yes, MJ was a great performer, but am very tired already of the media treating his death as the greatest tragedy ever, when there are truly greater tragedies occurring worldwide every single day and it is passing by undetected.

Roz B. said...

I was appalled, bewildered, disgusted, and confused by the blatant display of buffoonery that was the BET Awards Show. Ms. Lee should get blackballed after allowing that craptastic mess on air and claiming that they were honoring MJ! To top it off, Joe Jackson was upfront and center, soaking up accolades and attention - ugh. As a co-worker of mine said "We now know what Lucifer really looks like." And no, I was not surprised that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were at his side. Self-serving, ignorant vultures with no sense of what is appropriate. Just seeing them with Joe while he promoted his new record label as an homage to his son made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

God Bless Michael Jackson and those who were truly his loving family, fans, and friends. To the rest of those who weren't - get some therapy and I hope I ain't standing next to you when God cracks you in the ass with some lightning!

ChristopherM said...

Joe Jackson looks like pure rotting evil for a reason, I'm just saying.

Okay, so as an almost-lawyer, I have to disclaim by saying that I cannot give legal advice. Let me just say, though, that the Internet is your friend. Look up the law of your state. There are many states where a will in your own handwriting will suffice, even without witnesses as long as someone can attest to your writing. In others, a witness or two will do. No lawyers needed. Write out where you want your shit to go, sign it, and file if for $5 or $6 at the County Clerk's Office. Protect yourself, people!

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