Saturday, June 06, 2009

Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals…

Red Wings and Penguins @ Detroit with the series tied at 2 games a piece.

C-Money and this bitch scored some soul food yumminess from Sweetie Pie’s for our pre-game dinner.

BBQ and mac & cheese...yum!

The crowd is on fire...loud as a motherfucker on the telly has got to be unreal in person!

Wings scored the only goal in the first period and we are at intermission.


Yep, 'tis time for a vodka cran in preparation for the second period.

The some more old time rock ‘em sock ‘em hockey up in the Motor City!


Update - Detroit has opened up a vein on the Penguins and is sucking their life blood out on live television! 4 goals in one period...the Penguins have pulled their goalie...and this game is shaping up to be a royal ass whooping of monumental proportions!


Theo the sorta-beagle has turned away in horror. Okay, so maybe he's just sleeping...but daaaaamn.


ouyangdan said...

I know you are in St. Louis and all...but this Detroit girl thanks you for these updates, as Korea is sorely lacking in NHL coverage!

Unknown said...

a royal ass whooping of monumental proportions! ~ certainly was Shark Fu, as I watched in horror. Damn Pens! They only had 16 shots half way through the 3rd dudes?

Rileysdtr said...

Oh, the frustration on those Penguin boys' faces. The "intent to re-injure" slash on Pavel D's foot was simply poor form... (sigh) I so want the Wings to win on home ice, but more than that want them to WIN and close it out Tuesday. I don't think I could take a Game 7!

Peregwyn said...

I was on vacation last week - yay! Just now catching up. I lunched at Sweetie Pie's on 5/30. My goodness that was wonderful. And way too much, I lunched the next day on leftovers.

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