Monday, April 06, 2009


A bitch is pondering Kim.

Kim Jong-il, that is.

Mmmmhmmm, the Dear Leader got his rocket launch on this weekend and now everyone is in frenzy trying to figure out what the what the…LAWD, WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!


A bitch thinks this was the rocket launch equivalent of clearing one’s throat after having gone unnoticed whilst hovering impatiently on the edge of a conversation…say, a recent world leader kickball tournament that a certain Dear Leader didn’t get invited to.

Now, the sorta-world will gather…issue overly crafted resolutions…and then, hopefully, get about the bitness of trying to figure out what the fuck Kim Jong-il wants.

And then they’ll sorta-give it to him…slowly and with a lot of eye rolling...and heavy sighing and trash talking behind his back.


Such is the way of things with nations that can flex their nuclear capabilities…much like it was back in the day when the class asshole was the only person who remembered to bring a kickable ball.


Leota2 said...

I agree wholeheartedly.
'Lil Kim got a case of the popular kids
won't play with me so I'll break up the play date
by letting off some firecrackers (albeit nuclear
A little therapy in adolescence would have
done the man a whole lot of good. I suppose this
could be said for our last president, George, too.

AOB said...

I love the way you break it down so everyone can understand. Perhaps you need to make Hillary your next call. Bravo! Great post!

Oh yeah and what Leota2 said as well. What an astute observation.

The Empress said...

Is it wrong that I read your entire post in my head with Jim Ward's Kim Jong-Il character's voice?

Anonymous said...

It isn't so much him clearing his throat as biting his thumb.

Kim has a history of agreeing to one thing, threatening to do another, and actually doing something else altogether.

He is back and forth and unpredictable on so many things, except that he will always be unpredictable.

He wants aid w/ no strings attached, and can't have it anymore, so he shuts down an industry that brings in more than $10M to his country.

There are already many overly crafted resolutions binding Pyongyong's behavior, and it seems that the less we do the more they try to get away w/. He is about the equivalent of a petulant toddler who isn't getting enough attention (I like your kickball allusion there).

In the mean time, we are sitting in Seoul, wondering what rule he is going to break next...

Great post, thanks!

Mari said...

I haven't laughed that hard in a lonnnng time. Thanks!

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