Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Stuffy of nose and oily of stomach…

A bitch is feeling illish…stuffy of nose and oily of stomach.


Oh well, ‘tis the season for colds and such.


Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

This bitch took the weekend off from everything so my ass is catching up on the sorta-news…and Lawd have mercy!

Pondering the attacks in India…
I’m always amazed by how the press is unable to report on a world event without filtering it through a narrow American perspective. In the case of the attacks in India, the media frenzied about whether these attacks were launched Al Qaeda…and that’s understandable, since they were coordinated and multi-locational.

But to stop there...to get hung up there and then gaze about frantically in obvious confusion when your own expert consultants point out that it might not be that simple?

Well, that’s just fucked up and frustrating as hell.

Breaking news – other countries have internal and external threats that are different from our internal and external threats!

Is it too much to ask for an exploration of the complexity of it all?

Can a bitch get some background information, for the love of Reporting 101?

***cue crickets***


Pondering the Wal-Mart stampede…
Lawd, have mercy!

A man was trampled to death when doors opened at a Wal-Mart for post Thanksgiving Day shopping. Let me say that shit again…a man DIED!

And people went on shopping.

Hell, they demanded that they be allowed to continue shopping…’cause they had waited in line for several hours.


What the fuck, people?

This wasn’t a food riot outside of a United Nations relief drop. This was an opportunity to shop at a motherfucking Wal-Mart!

Fuck a duck, what the hell could you possible need bad enough to continue to get your shop on after…of fuck it.

Save money maybe but "live better" my black ass...


Unknown said...

The Walmart death really rocked me. I couldn't believe how callous those shoppers were.

It says a lot about us and none of it good.

The Mumbai attacks show how much power the Islamic radicals still hold..inspite of everything done to keep them down.

Anonymous said...

man i love your logo
not the name so much. i like your anger though. lol
ah the good percent of dumb people they keep us thinking.

Miss Trudy said...

That's right. That's exactly what I wondered, what can you possibly need bad enough that the man's death wouldn't have taken the wind off your sails that day, I can't imagine. I am curious as to what sort of rationalization these people went into to justify their walking by and letting him die while they shopped.

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, all the "Was it Al Qaeda??" stuff reminded me some of W: "Did Saddam do this??" Uh, there are other people in the world besides the ones you're obsessing about, folks. Last I heard, more than six billion more. And with that many, there's always gonna be at least a couple hundred thousand you haven't heard anything about at all, statistically speaking. Was it them? I don't know; I wasn't there. Could India be doing their own version of this sort of thinking: "It was Pakistan!!"? Maybe so, I'm not running the investigation, so I don't know what all they have to go on. I do know that India has been around for a long time. They have their fair share of brilliant minds. They have been dealing with regional conflict on a daily basis for decades at least. They might actually turn out to be the ones who know what to do about this.
Or not. But either way, the one thing we do know is that we'll be hearing all about it.
-Doug in Oakland

Holly said...

Honestly, the WalMart thing had me reading with my mouth open. I am not often shocked like that.

As you said, WTF? It's stuff folks, just stuff and they make more of it every day. This was a 34year old man who should have had many more years to live. He had a family, friends, employers, hobbies. And I am sure every one of them miss him.

As for the India thing, guess what? There are other groups trying to make a name for themselves too...and this was pretty damn well organized. Could have been probably any number of other group(s).

The Lazy Iguana said...

1. I swear by Alka-Seltzer cold plus. It is good shit. I dissolve the two tablets into the least amount of water possible (about 4 ounces) and then down it as a shot.

2. What got me about the attack in India was the obsession over weather it was "islamic terrorists" or just regular terrorists, and weather they were from Pakistan and if they were connected to Al-Qaeda.

Does it fucking matter? Are the people any less dead if it was not Al-Qaeda? What the hell. Why does EVERYTHING have to be connected to September 11? The radicals are pissed off at more than one thing after all.

3. I expected there to be a trampling death at some Wal-Mart. It happens every year. Sometimes more than once. Most of the time it is an old lady trampled to death so assholes can get to a $25 DVD player. In this case it was not. The reaction of the crowd was on pat however. Fuck the dead guy - his ass is already dead! Let me in so I can buy a TV for $800 now.

People ARE animals. Do not let the creationists tell you any different. Wild bears sometimes have better manners.

Laura in L.A. said...

All that you said, honey. Especially the "fuck a duck" part. The Walmart killing upset me a lot, too. We also had two gang members shoot each other to death in a freaking Toys R Us here in California.

Praying for us all.

Love, Laura

J said...

I was heartbroken by both of these events. I'm tired of terrorists and their terrorist activities, and of our crappy American coverage of it, which centers just on how it might affect *us*. As though we're not all connected.

Wal-Mart. The whole thing is crazy. I think that in working people up to a feeding frenzy by the promise of bargains for the few, the dedicated, the lucky, corporate America is culpable as well as those asshats who trampled that poor man. By making deals that are only good for the first few who get in the door, we get people worked up to a sorry state. Not that the people who trampled him (and a few others, who were fortunate enough not to die), and wouldn't let help get through to him, aren't culpable. They are, and they need to stop and think about who they are vs. who they want to be, and what kind of morals they are internalizing. I just think they didn't act alone on that sad day.

Anonymous said...

Question: Are the people who just went on shopping any different than the ones out there blowing things up. No it is all callus and a waste of lives.

Voodoo Picnic said...

Another reason to hate Walmart. I hope they get sued by that poor guy's family. Big-ass crowds in front of these places make for supposedly exciting news. Apparently even more interesting when someone is killed. Walmart should have had better security. The poor man was a temp in maintenance. I can't think of a fuckin' thing I need that would necessitate me camping in a line and admit how pathetically materialistic I was.

Hey Ms. Fu! I likey your blog mucho. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. You're hilarious AND on target. I discovered it by chance. I'm going to forward the url to many others who will appreciate your commentary. I used to live in KCMO for 15 years and visited St. Louis often. Moved to the east coast 7 years ago. Glad to be gone. Midwest hospitality only applies to those who look like the majority.

Moedoc said...

Not much to say about Walmart.have read that the surge was caused by people who came late to the party, versus folks who stood in line, and then tried to bum rush the door. Can anyone really provide enough security for something like that? Will Toys R Us stores in the hood have to have metal detectors and pat downs? Since Plaxico Burress reported he was shot at Applebee's, are we going to have to have warning labels on quesadillas?

Re the India-Pakistan conflict, I just have a question: who benefits at this time from a conflict such as this? And who could coordinate some sh*t lick this? And why does the bay of Pigs come to mind? Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

This blog is hot! It's the first I ever posted on and I really like your thoughts and comments! Nice to know at least a few other people are thinking the same things I am.

more cowbell said...

I’m always amazed by how the press is unable to report on a world event without filtering it through a narrow American perspective.

Spot on with that.

The Wal-Mart thing ... heartbreaking. You know, WalMart is apparently the only major business actually on the upswing in the face of this economy. Everything else is tanking. Seems to me they're going beyond simply doing business, to taking advantage of the fear and desperation the current economy has brought. They were irresponsible with the security aspect.

And the individuals ... damn, it's just tragic how we humans will fly into that "every man for himself" mode in the face of adversity. I hope to see more instances of folks pulling together as things get worse, not turning against each other as humans.

John said...

i absolutely love your blog; much love from amsterdam.


Shark-Fu said...

oooh, a bitch adores amsterdam! Even though 'tis too cold this time of year (wink).

Welcome to you, John from Amsterdam!

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